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Slide Content About us The problem Solutions Clients The team Company snapshot We're a Swedish software company dedicated to helping investigators solve more cases in less time. Law enforcement, government, and enterprise investigators alike are supported along every step of the investigative journey— from finding and documenting all kinds of digital evidence to sending in the final report. removeMore about us

Slide About us The team behind Paliscope comes from a background of founding NetClean and Griffeye, two global companies specializing in finding and detecting child abuse material online and working with law enforcement agencies to support them in their digital investigations.

Three years ago, we realized that when more and more investigations move online, every investigator needs to be empowered with new tools to stay ahead of today's criminals.

That's where Paliscope comes in - a modern and user-friendly software which helps investigators do what they are best at while automating repetitive tasks, simplifying the search for relevant data and leads, and documenting reports in a forensic way with a full chain of custody.

Simply put, increasing investigational capacity to solve more cases.

Slide Current state The problem All crimes today require securing digital evidence As all investigations move online - hunting both digital and physical criminals - every investigator needs to be empowered with new tools.

Today, only 25% of investigators have adopted digital analytical tools, and investigators spend on average 43 hours per week reviewing evidence and reporting on it (1).
1) according to a survey among more than 2,000 law enforcement agency personnel in 110 countries, carried out in 2020.
Still most investigators have very limited digital capabilities Volume of data is booming, as well as the number of data sources for investigations whereas tools and processes are more or less the same as what was used 10 years ago. Resulting in: trending_flat Inefficient investigations trending_flat Stressed investigations trending_flat Costly operations
texture Investigators are drowning in data and can't find relevant intelligence. warning Manual mistakes and endless cross-referencing destroy the chain of custody. insert_chart Never-ending admin tasks significantly limits investigational capacity. tune Investigative tools exist but are designed by experts for experts.

Solutions One platform for the entire investigation Find Uncover intelligence from both locally stored data, online data and from third party services in a single interface Document A modern case architecture makes it easy to document evidence while maintaining the chain of custody Analyze Analyse huge volumes of information to find links between intelligence in documents, images, videos and messages Report Easily export case information at any time during the investigation, keeping stakeholders in the loop and saving time

Slide Clients Our solutions are relevant for numerous segments and trusted globally by leading enforcement agencies Per our privacy policy, we never share any details about our clients.

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