About Us

Great things happen in unexpected ways

Paliscope’s next-gen software unites data from various online and offline sources to help investigators discover relevant information and turn it into actionable intelligence. Serving as one place to locate, collect, organize and present case information, the software platform makes piles of data instantly more accessible and useful. And, ultimately, helps investigators close more cases in less time.

Our neighborhood

The Paliscope office is located in the centre of Gothenburg. More specifically close to Järntorget. This neighbourhood offers a relaxed atmosphere with many popular restaurants and is recognized as the coolest in Europe by The Guardian Newspaper. So when visiting us, take an extra day to hang out with us and in our neighborhood!

Why Paliscope?

A story of how an unwanted change at the last minute can turn out just right. We realize we will get asked about the name Paliscope. So here it is: No reason. No connection. Just Paliscope.

When we first started looking at names for our new tech company we wanted to use our Swedish origins, and after rejecting oodles of names came up with the Swedish word for “The Lighthouse”: “Fyren”. We liked both the word and the association to a searchlight, but changed the “f” to “ph” to give it a more international touch.All looked clear to move ahead with the name, and as the process moved forward we created the graphic profile with logo and colors. That’s when we got the notification from our patent firm, about a problem in the US. PhyreEngine – a free game engine from Sony used in more than 200 game titles. Too similar. Start over.However, we now really liked the design concept that we had. We wanted to keep it. That meant we needed a new name that had to start with a “P”. We ended up with Paliscope. We just like it. No reason. No connection. Just Paliscope.

News from Paliscope:

  • Apr022020

    Paliscope is offering free licenses to support COVID-19 research

    When a crisis hits, we all pitch in with what we have. COVID-19 is affecting us all and we don’t want…

  • Mar302020

    Introducing YOSE: Your Own Search Engine

    Today, we are excited to announce the release of a brand new product that’s joining the Paliscope platform.

  • Jan222020

    New release: Paliscope Discovry Visualize Mode

    Losing time making sense of data? The latest Paliscope release introduces Visualize…