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  • Apr102018

    New software for online investigations

    Gothenburg, Sweden, 10 April 2018 – Open-source intelligence (OSINT) investigations are becoming an increasingly important part of investigations into different crimes, insurance claims, intellectual property rights, internal business security issues and in investigative journalism. Paliscope is a new software developed to enable structured and secure OSINT investigations.

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About Paliscope.

The company

Paliscope is a Swedish software company dedicated to helping investigators solve more cases in less time. Law enforcement, government, and enterprise investigators alike are supported along every step of the investigative journey— from finding and documenting all kinds of digital evidence to sending in the final report. The Paliscope platform includes Discovry, a central application for building structured investigations, and YOSE, an AI-driven search engine for locally stored data. These solutions can be used individually or together to form the ultimate investigative team.


Discovry is an intuitive application that helps investigators build more structured cases and close them faster. Data can be collected from multiple sources— online, offline and from 3rd party services—and documented in a secure and traceable manner. Smart features help investigators visualize data and quickly spot the clues needed to drive the case forward. A professional report is generated automatically while the case is being built—so, once all the pieces are in place, all that’s left to do is click a button.


YOSE is an AI-driven search engine that helps investigators instantly track down intelligence from even the largest, most unstructured stockpiles of locally stored data. It reads all kinds of file formats, including PDFs, emails, images, videos, and zip files. YOSE leverages its built-in AI engine to scan for intelligence, deciphering interesting details like names, faces, places, and objects, then automatically delivers an overview of its findings. With YOSE working on the case, it really is possible to find a needle in a haystack.

Brand guidelines.


Primary Color Palette

Petrol Blue is the primary color that shall be associated with the Paliscope brand. It should be used for applications such as the logos, backgrounds, graphical elements, and image overlays. It may also be used for certain text adaptations, such as headings or chapter headers. Keep in mind that Petrol Blue may not stand out adequately from the standard text color – especially for smaller text sizes – therefore rather use a tint defined in the Secondary Color Palette. Crimson Red is the accent color of the brand. It should be used sparingly; to highlight and to provide variation, such as for details on icons and illustrations or small graphical elements.


Petrol Blue
0, 76, 99

Secondary Color Palette

The secondary color palette describes nuances of our Petrol Blue. These tints and shades are intended for both digital and print use, and can be applied for backgrounds, graphical elements, and highlighting bits of text, for instance, hyperlinks and primary buttons. Special care should be given to limit the use of too many shades and tints for one element, view, or page.

8, 142, 182

Light Petrol
4, 113, 147

Dark Petrol
0, 36, 47

Neutral Colors

The neutral colors are to be the standard choice for backgrounds. Special attention should be given to maintain a high contrast between background and text, especially when the text size is below 16 px. Dark Grey should be the default for text and icons on White and Silver background. Aluminium is intended for secondary information such as hint texts or timestamps. Porcelain Grey may be used sparingly as backgrounds for secondary elements or for certain states, in cases where Aluminium is already in use. Black may be used for text or backgrounds where extraordinary contrast is required.

255, 255, 255

Porcelain Grey
241, 243, 245

229, 231, 234

159, 163, 172

Dark Grey
74, 74, 74

0, 0, 0