Say hello to the Paliscope partners

To enable users to benefit from the best services and tools out there in the same place, we’ve built a partner-friendly platform and integrated some of our favorite online investigation services. Together, we’re making online investigations greater.

Learn more about our partners
and their services:

Project Arachnid™

Project Arachnid discovers child sexual abuse material by crawling URLs previously reported to, or directly into the Arachnid API. Their list of hundreds of thousands of URLs are used to identify matching images and videos to remove the content from the web.

The integration with Paliscope facilitates the work to match already collected images against Arachnid’s database to find the online locations of the image, which could lead to more associated images being found (e.g. from the same image series or taken by the same camera). Everything is automatically queried in the background of your investigation, giving you a thumbnail view of results when anything is found.


PimEyes combines modern face recognition algorithms and the power of machine learning to detect images of the same person. The PimEyes database contains over 150 million unique faces and it can analyze over 300 million websites (TOR included).

With this service integrated in Paliscope, investigators can effortlessly scan for matching faces and find more information about the person that they are looking for. You no longer have to upload an image to PimEyes in order to search the face. Instead, the face vector is calculated by an internal server (at Paliscope’s headquarters or your preferred site), which means you only send that face vector to PimEyes and your image data is safe.


CameraForensics is a tool that indexes imagery across the web to match online and offline personas. Their growing database of over two billion images can link devices, similar images, locations, EXIF data and other metadata.

Now that it’s integrated with Paliscope, investigators will be able to match the collected data directly against the CameraForensics database to find more clues online. You can see the results directly on the collected image without having to manually check CameraForensics every time you have an image with interesting data, thereby saving time and helping you discover data insights you may never have thought of investigating further.


Web-IQ searches through the Darknet to find illegal activity, such as active child sexual abuse forums. The Web-IQ database is continuously updated, and together with a historical archive, it enables the investigator to find more information about victims and suspects and get a grip on what is happening on the Darknet.

With integration to Paliscope, investigators can simply cross-reference usernames and other intel with hundreds of thousands of forum profiles and millions of posts. You don’t have to manually go into Darknet to search for content. It also might reveal interesting data links you never had any plans of checking.