Users Defence In an increasingly uncertain world, militaries are facing greater challenges when it comes to understanding their adversaries and their local operating environment. Paliscope YOSE and Discovry is an all-in-one solution for military and defense Intelligence organizations that require enhanced data and information processing capabilities, in addition to robust intelligence management and reporting tools. Whether utilizing YOSE to support tactical-level operational activity or enhancing the output of strategic-level insight with help from Discovry, Paliscope provides dedicated support to military and defense intelligence agencies with one place to collect, collate, process, and report intelligence with turbo-speed and expert precision.

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Users Why Paliscope? One platform for military and defence intelligence organizations scatter_plot Transform data into actionable intelligence Paliscope YOSE enables military forces to process vast volumes of security-related, unstructured data, and transform it into mission-critical intelligence. scatter_plot Profiling and relationship mapping Paliscope’s interoperable platforms provide military forces with the ability to build comprehensive profiles of both individuals and groups, and identify the relationship that exists within insurgent networks. scatter_plot Understand and map areas of operation Paliscope provides coalition forces with essential systems to help them understand their Area of Operations, and map human terrain that is pertinent to the success of their mission. scatter_plot Cross-reference data from multiple sources online and offline We develop secure relationships with third-party intelligence providers, ensuring our clients can maintain maximum visibility of essential intelligence while keeping their data safe. Users can connect with the external services they usually use, or want to use, in the same workspace—making it easy to collect and cross-reference data.

Slide Paliscope platform The Paliscope platform includes Discovry [d], a central app for building structured investigations, and YOSE [Y], an AI-driven search engine for locally stored data. They can be used individually or together to form the ultimate investigative team.


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