Users Government Governments all over the world require advanced capabilities in order to identify and report threats, and tackle highly digitalized challenges. Paliscope is a trusted partner for a number of governments, providing an all-in-one platform that makes it easier for investigators to build intelligence and support customs, financial, tax, and diplomatic authorities, as well as other government authorities.

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Users Why Paliscope? One platform for government agencies scatter_plot Easy to use At Paliscope, we strive to heighten the investigative capabilities of our customer’s entire organization. That's why our products are designed with usability and fast onboarding as priority numbers 1, 2, and 3. scatter_plot Enterprise grade security The Paliscope platform enables analysts and investigators to manage complex investigative workflows by helping them analyze data, maintain traceability, and save time through the automized creation of comprehensive and well-structured reports. scatter_plot Cross-reference data from multiple sources online and offline We develop secure relationships with third-party intelligence providers to ensure our clients can maintain maximum visibility of essential intelligence while keeping their data safe. Users can access government-specific data sources and connect with the external services they usually use, or want to use, all in the same workspace—making it easy to collect and cross-reference data. scatter_plot Actionable intelligence Our targeted and results-oriented systems are designed to produce actionable intelligence from large volumes of all-source data and information, ensuring operational success for our government clients.

Slide Paliscope platform The Paliscope platform includes Discovry [d], a central app for building structured investigations, and YOSE [Y], an AI-driven search engine for locally stored data. They can be used individually or together to form the ultimate investigative team.


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