Law enforcement

Users Law Enforcement Law enforcement agencies have a greater need for real-time and actionable insights, especially in operations where time is a crucial success factor. Paliscope enables law enforcement agencies to gain timely and actionable insights, while empowering them to transform their investigative and intelligence output within a secure and collaborative environment. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that our law enforcement partners have access to the most sophisticated and advanced future-proof solutions— whether they’re carrying out online investigations, combating terrorism and cybercrime units, or detecting and investigating crimes.

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Users Why Paliscope? One platform for law enforcement agencies scatter_plot Built for law enforcers, by law enforcers Our development team includes former law enforcement investigators with seasoned experience across multiple subject areas. This means that everything we develop is designed with the unique needs and requirements of law enforcement in mind. scatter_plot Easy to use At Paliscope, we strive to heighten the investigative capabilities of our customer’s entire organization. That's why our products are designed with usability and fast onboarding as priority numbers 1, 2, and 3. scatter_plot Fast and actionable intelligence Our systems are specifically designed to process vast volumes of unstructured data and transform it into accurate and actionable intelligence, saving precious time and resources. What’s more, our systems also facilitate the workflow traceability and case management needed to close the case. Reports are automatically generated while cases are being built, making it easy to keep stakeholders in the loop about case updates and progress. scatter_plot Fully integrated data sources Our secure integrations with unique third parties ensure that our law enforcement partners benefit from access to intelligence-rich datasets tailored to their needs, such as Darknet sources, closed forums, Telegram channels, and Chans. Users can connect with the external services they usually use, or want to use, both online and offline, all in the same workspace—making it easy to collect and cross-reference data.

Slide Paliscope platform The Paliscope platform includes Discovry [d], a central app for building structured investigations, and YOSE [Y], an AI-driven search engine for locally stored data. They can be used individually or together to form the ultimate investigative team.


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