Frequently asked questions.

Browse FAQ about the product, pricing, accounts and data integrity.

The product:

What is Paliscope Discovry?

It’s an online investigation tool for collecting open source data in an easy, fast and secure way.

How do I detach a card?

Simply press the icon at the top right corner of the card.

How can I take a screen shot of the web page I’m on?

To take a full screen shot of the page you are on, simply click the more options menu at the top right corner of the browser and click Collect web page. Both screen shot, and web archive is saved and hashed.

How do I get the product?

Just go to the home page and click Download and continue from there. There are also videos on how to get started in myPaliscope.

Why is Discovry asking for permission to record my screen?

When using Discovry on macOS Catalina you may see a new warning “Paliscope Discovry would like to record this computer’s screen”. Discovry needs permission to record your screen when doing tab recordings and does not record your screen for any other purpose.

Where are my browser tabs?

To make the tabs more visible and easier to access we have created a column of tabs to the left of the browser. Open a link as a new tab by right-clicking a link in the browser (or using ctrl-click or cmd-click). This adds it to the current tab group. To create a new tab group click the plus button in the tab column.

What are the minimum system requirements for Discovry?

Windows 8.1 or 10 with all important updates applied or macOS (latest), only 64-bit version for all OS, 4 Gb RAM, Multi-core CPU, Internet access, Screen with a minimum screen resolution of 1366×768.

What is a card in Discovry?

It is simply a structured collection point for different entities like events, persons, objects, locations and virtual locations. You can save information and images to a card and these can then be connected to each other.

What is the Audit Trail?

Some important actions are saved and hashed in the audit trail to ensure that the information collected was indeed that information at that time, even though it has been altered later.

What are the recommended system requirements for Discovry?

Windows 10 with all important updates applied or macOS (latest), only 64-bit version for all OS, 8 Gb RAM, Multi-core CPU (Core i5 or better), Internet access, Dual screens with a minimum screen resolution of 2560×1440.

Purchasing & pricing:

Can you provide me with a quote?

Yes, If you want to buy more than 10 licenses, please contact sales for a quote.

Can I make alternative payment arrangement?

Yes, if you cannot pay by credit card in the web shop, please contact us on and we will provide you with other options.

Where do I buy a Pro license that I can use for commercial use?

Sign up and login to myPaliscope and click Buy LicenseChoose the Pro license and continue to the check out. If you want to buy more than 10 licenses, please contact sales for a quote.

Can I exclude taxes from the purchase if I’m buying for a European company?

Yes, provide your EU VAT number at the checkout in the web shop to exclude taxes.


How do I sign up for myPaliscope?

When you download and run Paliscope Discovry for the first time you need to register. This is also the credentials for myPaliscope.

How do I change my password?

On myPaliscope click My Account – User Profile, then click Edit to edit your account details.

Where do I find what licenses I have?

All licenses are under My Account – Licenses.

Data integrity:

Is my internet activity logged within Discovry?

We are not logging anything from your internet activity. All cases are in containers locally, which means no leakage of information from one case to another. As any serious business, we would ask for your approval if we wanted to store anything else.

Does Discovry work as a proxy to keep me anonymous online? Does it still work if I’m using a VPN?

No, Discovry does not have a built-in proxy and uses the normal internet route of the computer. But you can start a specific Tor tab within Discovry if you have a Tor connection running. You can also run Discovry through a VPN, if that is what your computer is set up to use. 

How do you ensure that my information is secure with your 3rd party services?

Information like passwords, assumed identities, images, etc., are stored locally, just as they are in a normal browser. Each case has its own web cache container and will not leak to other cases or outside Discovry. Lookups within 3rd party services are done with hashes, so we do not send any images to these services. We also separate the Tor sessions’ web caches from the sessions. 

Does Discovry store my data?

Data is stored locally, just like in a normal browser.

Can people discover/see that I am using the Discovry browser? Is my cache data stored?

Cache data is stored locally in a separate container per case. People can’t see that you are using a Discovry browser since we leave the same trace as a Chrome browser does.

Where does Discovry store the data I collect?

Data integrity is one of our highest priorities. Therefore all text, images, videos, as well as case meta data, is stored locally on your own computer.