Paliscope in collaboration with TransPerfect Legal Solutions

Paliscope in collaboration with TransPerfect Legal Solutions
2018-07-09 Paliscope

Paliscope in collaboration with TransPerfect Legal Solutions

As of the first of July, Paliscope and TransPerfect Legal Solutions has started a collaboration to enable more efficient and faster investigations for global customers.

“Website and social media preservation tools too often fall short in eDiscovery,” said David Smalley, Manager of Forensic Technology and Consulting at TransPerfect Legal Solutions. “When working within the Paliscope platform and alongside their software development team, our global team of forensic experts is able to successfully deliver our clients best-in-class service and technical expertise.”

“To develop Paliscope into the best product for online investigations, it is essential that we put it in the hands of experienced users. Working with TransPerfect Legal Solutions will help us identify the correct features, for example in eDiscovery investigations,” says Christian Berg, CEO of Paliscope.

TransPerfect Legal Solutions is a diversified global provider of legal support services and technologies, with offices in over 90 cities worldwide.

Paliscope is a new and innovative software provider and a part of the Safer Society Group which consists of NetClean, Griffeye and Paliscope.