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  • Nov092023

    Paliscope and ForensIQ One enter into a collaboration, bringing mobile image extractions to the Paliscope’s intelligence platform

    The collaboration further strengthens Paliscope’s intelligence platform by adding even more native import capabilities for our customers. With ForensIQ One’s capabilities, users of the Paliscope platform will be able to index multiple mobile image files directly in the software.

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  • Jun202023

    Paliscope and Conversy enter into collaboration, bringing voice recognition to the Paliscope intelligence platform

    We continuously look at new opportunities to implement the best technology in the world, to help us deliver the latest and most powerful analytical capabilities to our customers. Conversy is such an example…

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  • Jun132023

    Paliscope contributes with intelligence analysis for Wall Street Journal’s documentary “Shadow Men: Inside Wagner, Russia’s Secret War Company” 

    Analyzing open source intelligence on the Wagner Group and its proxy networks. Our support included organizational mapping, researching recruitment flows, geo-localization and uncovering contractors involved in war crimes.

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  • Mar162023

    Paliscope supporting Swedish National TV4 investigative reporting on the Wagner Group and Rasmus Paludan

    Today, Swedish National TV4 released a story about the Russian Wagner Group. The story indicates connections between Rasmus Paludan – responsible for the widely reported burning of the Quran outside of the Turkish Embassy in Sweden – to identified Wagner Group fighters.

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  • May272022

    Paliscope is now CE+ certified for meeting modern cyber security requirements

    Cyber Essentials Plus is a UK government-backed certification program that is developed and operated by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and works in partnership with the IASME Consortium. Organizations outside the UK may apply for Cyber Essentials Plus. Once acquired, the certification is valid for a 12 month period, after which a reassessment must be performed on an annual basis to maintain certification.

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