Paliscope – A single platform for your entire investigative journey

A single platform for your entire investigative journey

Paliscope supports investigators and organizations every step along the way, from finding and documenting digital evidence to sending the final report.



Solve more cases
in less time

Easy to use and adaptive to your needs, our products support enterprise, law enforcement, and governmental organizations along every step of the investigative journey. The Paliscope platform streamlines the entire investigative process and enables investigators of all skill levels to contribute to driving a case forward.


The platform

Connect the dots

The Paliscope platform includes Discovry, a central app for building structured investigations, and YOSE, an AI-driven search engine for locally stored data. They can be used individually or together to form the ultimate investigative team.


Work as a team

The Paliscope platform keeps everyone on the team aligned and working without friction.

Achieve better outcomes

Easily unite departments so you can achieve better outcomes, faster.

Anyone can pitch in

Regardless of skill level, any team member can contribute to the investigation.

Users Key Advantages Take your operations to the next level table_chart Easy to get started Paliscope products are designed so that anyone can easily get started and contribute to a case. trending_up Raise the quality bar Ensure that all parties involved follow the same case structure. It doesn’t matter what type of case it is. lock Safe data storage All data is stored locally. No one besides you, your organization and the people you send files to can access it. fingerprint Uphold the chain of custody Keeping data integrity intact is critical. The audit log tracks everything - ensuring the full case history is preserved. people Designed for your organization Easily configure the platform to serve the way you work, and what you or your investigators actually need and use. chat The power of community Connect with other Paliscope users, share best practices, and get help with specific questions from experts.

Slide Streamlined interface The Paliscope platform is built with the same smooth and user-friendly interface you’d expect to find in other modern apps.

Slide Create a team momentum Larger investigative teams can easily get started through our online training and tutorials. Once your team is authorized to begin working with the software, multiple instances of the software can be installed swiftly and simultaneously.

Slide Paliscope Platform Discovry Collect data from multiple sources and build more structured cases.
YOSE Track down intelligence from even the largest stockpiles of locally stored data.

Slide "Any organization that has the need to collect data, and structure and document it afterwards, will benefit from using the Paliscope platform." Lars Underbjerg, Security Manager at
Nordic Content Protection

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