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Collect Video The challenge Searching and sorting through data is a time-consuming process Whether you’re a police officer or fraud investigator, finding information is likely a big part of your job. The pressure is on to track down the right data and then, once you’ve found it, to make something out of it. All in all, investigators spend most of their time searching and sorting through data. Time that could have gone towards solving more cases.

How investigators use the
Paliscope platform

Find data

Discover and collect information from any type of data source — both online and offline.

Secure evidence

Secure evidence while keeping data integrity intact, and build a case that holds up in court.


Maintain a structured investigation—gather data all in one place, categorize and set priorities.


Map out the big picture to review connections between collected data and identified targets.

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What our customers
are saying

Slide 1 "Discovry’s unique capability to collect, collate and analyze information that is pertinent to your case is what sets it apart" "Any company or organization that has the need to collect data, and structure and document it afterwards, will benefit from using Discovry." Lars Underbjerg, Security Manager,
Nordic Content Protection
Joseph Jones, Founder / CEO of
Strategy Nord

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