Paliscope Discovry – Software for online investigations

Paliscope Discovry is software
for [online] investigations

With Discovry you have everything you need to make your online investigation successful. Quickly and easily collect open source data, discover clues and connections, and generate a professional report of your findings. All in one convenient place.

Who is using Discovry

Law enforcement

Secure evidence with data integrity intact and build a case that holds in court.

Insurance companies

Gather and verify information online to ensure no false claims have been issued.


Draw conclusions and expose truth with valid findings from publicly available data.

Financial institutions

Drive effective financial investigations to prevent crimes like fraud and identity theft.


Simplify internal investigations and streamline tasks like background checks when recruiting. 

Private investigators

Locate, map, and document findings from open source data to deliver successful results.

Any company or organization that has the need to collect data, and structure and document it afterwards, will benefit from using Discovry.

Lars Underbjerg, Security Manager,
Nordic Content Protection

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