Paliscope – Software for high-quality online investigations.

Software for high-quality online investigations.

Take control of your online investigations.

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[COLLECT] data in a structured way
that saves time.

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Integrated tools to simplify workflows for open source investigations (OSINT).

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User-friendly, integrated browser with drag & drop data collection, automatic full webpage screenshots and keyword matching.

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Collected data is structured into identities, events, objects and locations, and connected with a wide variety of relations.

A [SECURE] way of handling intelligence
that ensures data integrity.

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Auditable and traceable

With a searchable, secure audit log, Paliscope ensures the integrity of how and where the data was collected and the integrity and traceability of the data itself.

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No cloud storage

By storing all collected data locally on your computer, you’re in full control of sensitive information. No information is stored in the cloud.

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Separate sessions

Paliscope sessions are kept entirely separate so information such as Facebook logins or other data can’t leak from one investigation to another.

Professional [REPORT] generated at the touch of a button.

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All relevant data is attached to the report at the touch of a button.
A table of contents is automatically generated for easy navigation.

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Professional and easy-to-follow report layout, with modern and uncluttered design.

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Export to HTML and PDF for easy sharing and to move investigations forward efficiently.