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  • May292023

    The NIS2 Directive: Implications for your organization

    Paliscope analyst Oscar and advisor Ronny walks you through the key considerations of the new directive.

  • May182023

    An international outlook from Microsoft

    Guest: Sarah Armstrong-Smith, Microsoft

  • May112023

    The threat from the east in relation to Russia´s invasion of Ukraine, part 1

    Indications of Russia conducting extensive psychological operations targeted towards Northern Europe.

  • May102023

    Collecting compliant evidence

    A large insurance company in the Nordic countries uses Discovry to collect evidence and streamline fraud investigations.

  • May052023

    Secure the Cyber Supply Chain: Where to Start?

    Cyber security analyst Oscar shares his insight into how to start secure the cyber supply chain.

  • May052023

    The CISO role and the importance of networking

    Guest: Jacob Lindberg, Nordax