How to build and organize complex fraud cases online

How to build and organize complex fraud cases online
2019-02-25 Sara Ekberg

Webinar Replay:

How to build and organize complex fraud cases online.

Date: 2019-03-19 – Now Available as a Replay
Speaker: Warren Bulmer, Detective Constable

More and more people are falling victim to online scams and extortion. Operating on the internet, criminals lure victims with everything from false promises of lucrative investment returns, to fake services that wind up stealing credentials. Criminals are also blackmailing victims with compromising photographs or stolen identities.

These cases can be extremely complex to investigate. They often involve multiple people, both perpetrators and victims alike. Plus infinite volumes of internet sources and digital evidence to sort through. It’s no surprise that investigators often get overwhelmed. When facing a multi-faceted network of deceit, identities, and locations, having a tool that collects, organizes, and presents information clearly is key.

What you will learn

In this webinar, police detective Warren Bulmer will demonstrate how you can use Paliscope to build and organize complex fraud cases. Whether you’re working in a governmental agency, a private company, or law enforcement, this webinar can help you learn how to collect and structure complex information online with greater efficiency—and better protect your business from fraud as a result.

With a case study as a guiding example, you will learn how to use Paliscope  to assist in building and organizing complex fraud cases, including:

  • How to perform a search for relevant information
  • How to identify connections or relationships within collected data
  • How to produce a professional and accurate report suitable for court or other inquiries

Guest speaker: Warren Bulmer

Warren Bulmer’s policing career has been predominantly spent within the field of criminal investigation including a combined total of 19 years assigned to Financial Crimes, Major Crime, the Fugitive Squad and the Child Exploitation Unit.

He has instructed on conducting computer and Internet investigations, open source intelligence, the lawful search and seizure of electronic devices as well as the identification, categorization and analysis of digital evidence since 2004.

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