Explore deeper and faster with new online investigation services.

Explore deeper and faster with new online investigation services.
2019-03-12 Paliscope

Explore deeper and faster with new online investigation services.

We’re happy to finally announce the release of a bunch of great new service integrations in Paliscope. Altogether, they will speed up online investigations of all kinds, and open up new ways to discover even more intelligence online.

1. Third-party online investigation services now available!

CameraForensics, Project Arachnid, PimEyes, and Web-IQ are now fully integrated into Paliscope. These third-party services, have been sought after by our law enforcement community ever since our prelaunch (and sneak peek session held at the Florida ICAC conference!) last year. We are happy to announce that all services have now been successfully integrated and are ready for use. They are available for purchase as separate add-ons or bundled in the ICAC package.

Altogether, these services will enable you to discover even more intelligence online. You can, for example, search for a specific username you want to investigate and find more information on the Darknet. Or, you can use face recognition technology to search for more photos of a specific person online. It’s also possible to search for similar images based on EXIF data, such as location and camera serial number.

Find out more about our partners and their services here

2. Use Darknet side by side with clear web

The Darknet browser TOR has now been integrated with Paliscope. By integrating Darknet with the investigative workflow in Paliscope, you will be able to switch more quickly between clear web and darknet for swift comparisons. All the Paliscope functions and integrated services can be used when searching for intelligence on the Darknet as well. You don’t have to download the data to find out if there’s more to it – Paliscope does that for you.

3. Perform reverse image searches directly inside Paliscope

We have also integrated Bing, Yandex, and Google Reverse Image Search with Paliscope. Reverse image search is a search engine technology that takes an image file as input query and generates results related to the image. By connecting to Yandex, Bing, and Google, you can now perform reverse image searches even before you’ve collected the images. This means that you can effectively reverse search an image without having to go to the site and manually do it step by step.

… plus some additional quality improvements!

While we were at it, we couldn’t help but also make some quality improvements. We automated the workflow and removed as many manual steps as possible. You will notice, for example, that collected images and person data will automatically generate search results in the background while you’re conducting an investigation. Revealing intelligence you may have never thought of going after yourself. 

Paliscope allows investigators to quickly and easily collect open source data for review and analysis, sort and prioritize among the collected data, connect correlating intelligence to find more clues, and create professional reports to share the results with other parties. Paliscope also works as a quality assurance system that secures the authenticity of where and when the data was collected.

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