Reveal the unexpected with Paliscope’s NEW integrated features and services

Reveal the unexpected with Paliscope’s NEW integrated features and services
2019-03-12 Sara Ekberg

Live webinar

Reveal the unexpected with Paliscope’s NEW integrated features and services

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About the webinar

When: 2019-03-21
Speaker: Christian Berg, CEO & Founder of Paliscope
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Curious about Paliscope’s newly released features and services? In this webinar, you’ll learn just how to leverage these new featuresfunctions, and integrated third-party services to reveal even more intelligence online.

We’ll walk you through a demo to explore how you can use Paliscope to look even deeper for relevant information and reveal things you may have never expected to find. You will also learn how to reap extra benefits by browsing the Darknet alongside the clear web.

What you will learn:

  • How to use Camera Forensics to search for similar images online based on EXIF data, such as location and camera serial number.
  • How to use PimEyes’ face recognition technology to search for photos of a specific person.
  • How to use Web-IQ’s service to automatically search Darknet forums to find more information about a specific username.
  • How to use the integrated Bing, Yandex, and Google Reverse image searches to discover visually similar images online (even before you’ve collected them!).
  • How to use the Arachnid web crawler in child sexual abuse investigations to match previously collected images against the URL database of known child sexual abuse material (relevant for ICAC investigators).
  • How to use the combined integrated services in Paliscope to investigate the Darknet.

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2019-10-03, 15:00 CEST – 9am EST

Reveal the unexpected with Paliscope’s NEW integrated features and services
How to build and organize complex fraud cases online
Using the [ICAC] Package to gather evidence online

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