YOSE Product Update: Performance and Stability in Focus

YOSE Product Update: Performance and Stability in Focus
2020-10-09 Paliscope


Performance and stability in focus

This release is mainly about performance and stability improvements, but of course, we couldn’t help adding some new functionality while we were at it. You will find that bookmarks are now even smoother to work with.

Download the latest version on my.paliscope and simply reinstall it over the previous version. YOSE 2020.4 is fully backward compatible with the previous version, so all your current cases will automatically be updated.

Main hightlights of this release

  • Import of data to YOSE is significantly faster.
  • Viewing of Bookmarked Items (PDF’s, frames from videos or parts of images) from the Intelligence Centre will show the bookmarked part of the file and not the whole document/video/image.
  • Bookmarking a part of a PDF page now bookmarks the visual part instead of the whole page.
  • Hardware accelerated frame extraction of video frames. Saves a lot of CPU while the process is up to 5x faster than before.

For a full list of all improvements and updates in the 2020.4 release, log in to MyPaliscope and read the release notes.

How can YOSE help you?
If you work with a lot of documents, feel free to contact us and we’ll show you how YOSE can transform the way you work.