Intensifying our collaboration with Web-IQ

Intensifying our collaboration with Web-IQ
2020-12-22 Paliscope

Intensifying our collaboration with Web-IQ

In 2020, we made Web-IQ’s DarkCloud datasets accessible through Discovry. This has given investigators direct access to collected darknet sources, Telegram channels, and crime-related message boards—all from the comfort of the Discovry workspace.

From 2021 onwards, we will step up our collaboration with Web-IQ with an integration of Web-IQ IRIS. IRIS is an automated investigation engine that combines investigators’ databases with the power of open-source information from social media, the web, and the darknet.

By integrating Web-IQ’s services with Discovry, we will make it even easier for investigative organizations to collect and cross-reference data from multiple sources.

“We are automating what can be automated by aggregating as many data sources as possible so we can let the investigator do what they’re best at,” says Christian Berg, CEO at Paliscope.

Want to learn more?

Web-IQ recently wrote an article about our close and continued collaboration. Read the full article here.