What lockdowns and remote working mean for online crime

What lockdowns and remote working mean for online crime
2021-02-18 Paliscope


What lockdowns and remote working mean for online crime

The pandemic has sent much of the globe’s population to the vulnerable confines of their homes—and online criminals are exploiting it. The UK alone experienced a 31% increase in cyber scam cases last spring.

In our latest guest blog with CameraForensics, we’ve been talking to investigators, tech providers and similar organizations and it’s become clear there are several reasons COVID-19 has induced a shift in online activity.

  • More time: Many people now have more time available to spend online in light of lockdown conditions.
  • More online access: People are being forced to move their activities online where previously it would have taken place face-to-face.
  • Increased opportunity: More digitization and people online simply means more targets for criminals.
  • Reporting: The increase in reports is at least partially up because more individuals are online, and therefore able to identify and report more illegal activities.

Find out more about the impact of lockdowns and remote working for online crime in this guest blog with CameraForensics.

To find out more about how technology can help overcome the challenges of online investigations, get in touch with CameraForensics or Paliscope.

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