Image Analyzer’s IAVIS has been integrated into YOSE

Image Analyzer’s IAVIS has been integrated into YOSE
2021-06-23 Paliscope


Image Analyzer Visual Intelligence System (IAVIS) has been integrated into YOSE

Good news! Soon our YOSE users will be able to more easily identify evidence in images – all with a simple search.

Thanks to our partnership with Image Analyzer Visual Intelligence System (IAVIS) we’ll enable investigators to search for evidence in images of for example car registration numbers, weapons, tattoos, ID numbers, passport numbers, screenshots of chat conversations, faces and more.

So if you for example are looking for a vehicle, you can search for the license plate and YOSE will show you all photos of the vehicle registered with that license plate.

We’re happy to make YOSE even better and continue our mission to help investigators solve more cases in less time.

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