Process and Analyze ‘Return of Legal Process’-derived data using the Paliscope Platform

Process and Analyze ‘Return of Legal Process’-derived data using the Paliscope Platform
2022-01-26 Paliscope

‘Returns of Legal Process’ is a procedure where law enforcement can officially request data from organizations such as social media companies. Such data comes in a variety of formats, though the overall volume is always large – mostly comprising of images, videos, communication logs, and documents.

Using the Paliscope Platform we are able to provide you with the technology and workflow to quickly find the evidence from within Returns of Legal Processes. This ensures that you don’t miss any key detail, and enables you to create a report for the prosecution. Using the latest image, video and textual AI technologies our platform extracts the intelligence and provides you with 360-degree visibility of the content.

In this first of a two-part webinar series, we will focus on handling a Return of Legal Process from Facebook in HTML format. You will learn about how to utilize YOSE to index all of the content, how to collaboratively work through large volumes of files, and finally to create a report.

This webinar is best for:

  • Law Enforcement Investigators dealing with Returns of Legal Processes coming from any kind of social media company or service provider.

What you will learn:

  • How to setup the platform to make everything searchable and connect the dots, no matter how many returns you are indexing.
  • How to utilize the latest AI technologies such as Scene Detection, Object Detection and Textual Analytics to navigate through the content efficiently.
  • How to utilize Facial Recognition and Reverse Image Matching to find more of the same content.
  • How to cross-match your findings in Return of Legal Process-derived data against live data, darknet or intelligence databases.
  • How to create a report of your findings.

Webinar details

Date: April 13, 2022
Time: 15:10 EST (12.10 PST, 21.10 CEST)
Duration: 45 minutes
Replay: Available
Speaker: Christian Berg

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Christian Berg is the Deputy CEO and Co-founder of Paliscope.