It’s not a data problem—it’s an analytics problem: YOSE Product Update

It’s not a data problem—it’s an analytics problem: YOSE Product Update
2022-02-03 Paliscope

More data ingested faster and automatically

It’s now possible to automatically batch process thousands of CSV or Excel files and extract all the intelligence from them. YOSE automatically identifies the contents of each column, so you don’t have to waste precious time manually specifying what kind of data should go where.

The result? More intelligence, more accuracy, and more consistency— without the need to interfere with the files. What’s more, since YOSE doesn’t need to run NLP on everything, the process also goes a lot faster. For instance, the speed increase for larger Excel or CSV files is 100 to 1000x faster than before. Using NLP together with patterns to structure semi-unstructured data truly combines the best of two worlds.

Release highlights:

Comparative Analytics

With so much more intelligence at your fingertips, we had to come up with new ways for you to interact with it and find what you need. So we invented Comparative Analytics. A tool that makes it easy to compare large datasets of extracted intelligence. It’s blazing fast and lets you compare datasets from different scrapes, telephone dumps, and returns of legal process. Any data you get can be compared. Even visual intelligence, such as faces.

Faster viewing

Presentation is always key to us at Paliscope. With more intelligence, we wanted to give you more options. We optimized the already hardware accelerated Link Chart Viewer to be able to handle tens of thousands of entities at the same time. We also created some new visualization modes which make the charts appear less cluttered even when they become large—as we all know they tend to become. They never look like they do in the commercial pictures.

Share intelligence, and one more thing…

Finally, we updated the web interface and now it can send intelligence straight to a web browser. We also built out the REST API to be able to query YOSE from other software. And one more thing… We have completed a transform to Maltego, which means that you can now use YOSE as a data source for your Maltego investigations.

Let us present YOSE 22.1- Intelligence 2.0 Edition!

Read the story of how we ended up here.

For a full list of improvements and updates in the 22.1.0 release, please log in to myPaliscope and read the release notes. Click here to download the latest version of YOSE.