Data overwhelm? No problem. Intelligence has never been this accessible

Data overwhelm? No problem. Intelligence has never been this accessible
2022-03-14 Paliscope

Probably the most powerful CSV/XLSX viewer on the planet

A lot of intelligence comes in CSV or XLSX formats. That’s why, in this release, we have added a powerful CSV/XLSX viewer to YOSE. If you work with data in CSV or Microsoft Excel formats, you’ll especially notice the difference when you combine the new viewer with automatic intelligence extraction, link analytics, tracing, and comparative analytics.

Great news if you work with HTML data or return of legal process procedures

With this release, we’ve provided you with a new way to utilize AI, free text OCR, face recognition, license plate recognition or scene detection to discover what you are interested in—a single click will take you straight to the right place in the right file. What’s more, when dealing with HTML files during return of legal process procedures, such as HTML from Facebook, you’ll save hours of work without missing any details.

Superhuman image recognition at your service

Another standout in this release is the integration of a revolutionary new image recognition technology called DejaVuAI®. It takes YOSE’s excellent image-finding abilities to the next level. With DejaVuAI® you can swiftly search and find intelligence inside videos and images, prompt searches for similar content, and masterfully visualize the results.

DejaVuAI® Integration – Robust reverse image search capability

YOSE was good at finding images before, but since the DejaVuAI integration, it’s amazing. DejaVuAI is a revolutionary new image recognition technology that makes it possible to find objects and similar images like a human would, but at the speed of a computer.

  • Search and find inside videos and images.
  • Search for similar content using a specific image, video or external image as a starting point, or take a screenshot using the Snippet tool and search from there.
  • View results as visual clustered groups on the canvas and continue to build a link graph the result.
  • View results in detail by changing rotation, adjusting opacity or zooming in.
  • Continuously add more images, videos or files to the search result to build a complete link graph.
  • Enrich the result with maps, timelines, icons or vector graphics.

Offline translation server with bulk translation capabilities

Imagine Google Translate, but as your own offline server. We’ve integrated a translation server with YOSE to make accessing the translations you need faster and easier. And yes, you can use it from any browser, even if you’re offline.

  • Bulk translate web pages, documents and text files.
  • Translate your search queries, and get synonyms from your search queries in the target language.
  • Translate cells in excel files, use the YOSE Assistant to translate clipboard.
  • Translate messages.

Work with return of legal process much more efficiently

In a return of legal process procedures, the materials you have to deal with are often in HTML format. With YOSE, you can find any image or video by using reverse image search, face recognition, AI, or by searching for text on an image or video.

  • In the YOSE Web, single click on an image or video to instantly open the right file where it is referenced from, then scroll to the right place in the right HTML. This saves a massive amount of time when working with Facebook returns or sharing files in HTML format.
  • Classify files directly from the web interface.

Learn more in this upcoming live webinar on March 23: Process and Analyze ‘Return of Legal Process’-derived data using the Paliscope Platform 

YOSE Assistant – Use your favorite analytic features outside YOSE

YOSE just became your personal assistant. Select items of interest outside the YOSE app, like a picture in Google Chrome for example, then use YOSE’s embedded functionality to search for similar images or faces, or to perform OCR.

  • Run a visual search for similar images or videos, faces or objects from any other software— select it on the screen and let YOSE do the rest.
  • Perform OCR on it and copy the text to the clipboard.
    • This is especially useful when you have a document that doesn’t allow you to copy text or copy an image with text on it—just use the amazing OCR capabilities of YOSE.
  • Run face recognition from a captured image.
  • Run NLP on OCR.
  • Select anything on your screen you want to perform OCR on and/or translate the text to the clipboard.
  • Extract intelligence from selected text.
  • Translate selected text directly.
  • Save captured image to disk.
  • Run bulk search from text in clipboard.

Embedded CSV/XLSX/XLS Viewer with intelligence

YOSE already has built-in viewers for videos, images and PDFs, which utilize all extracted intelligence to let you navigate content more efficiently. With this new viewer, you can maximize usage when dealing with Microsoft Excel or CSV files.

Read and navigate with speed and ease

  • Speedily find, load and view files—it’s a just a spacebar click away.
  • Load even huge CSV or XLSX files with great speed.
  • Handle different file encodings automatically.
  • Load CSV files without needing to map columns.
  • Go straight to the right row without needing to scroll.

Use extracted intelligence when navigating larger files

  • Show all extracted intelligence next to the document to jump straight to the right place.
  • Create link charts from a value in the grid with a right click.

Additional functionalities

  • Translate offline directly in the grid.
  • Search for selected values from the grid with a right click.
  • Group by columns via drag and drop.
  • Easily access column filtering and sorting (a lot easier than in Excel).
  • Easily access grid searching.
  • Bookmark individual rows in file.
  • Easily display the complete value of cells.
  • Search utilizing memory for repeated searches, and replace values in cells.
  • Export files to Microsoft Excel, CSV, Adobe PDF, HTML or Microsoft Word.

Embedded Microsoft Word Viewer with intelligence

We’ve added yet another viewer to complement YOSE’s suite of built-in viewers that help you navigate content more efficiently. With this one, you can maximize the speed of navigating, viewing, and finding intelligence in large Word files.

Tracing – Now supporting very large datasets

We have heavily optimized the algorithm to deal with large datasets. Now it’s blazingly fast, even when tracing in very large datasets with a lot of connections.

Load intelligence from databases faster

When you optimize data loading from databases, it speeds up the loading of intelligence. And that’s precisely why we did it. You’ll especially notice the difference when creating link diagrams or viewing associated intelligence, and when performing Comparative Analytics.

For a full list of improvements in the 22.2.0 release, please log in to myPaliscope and read the release notes.