Imagine how many crimes we would stop if we could only predict the future

Imagine how many crimes we would stop if we could only predict the future
2022-11-03 Paliscope

Screenshot from YOSE™ Geo Analytics

By analyzing local conditions, we can identify environmental conditions that contribute to criminal behavior and, with that diagnosis, make an accurate forecast and help the police prioritize resource deployments to prevent crimes.

With RTM, we can analyze certain areas and help the police understand where to go because a crime is likely to happen, what to do when they get there, and why that area attracts criminal behaviors.

That will give the police a considerable advantage against criminals.

“One key to successful RTM is, of course, continuous analysis. This is not a one-off. But over time, using YOSE can help identify leading indicators and other relevant parameters needed for successful policing.”

Rolf Rosenvinge, CEO at Paliscope

Tested in 45 countries across the world

Since 2009, the police and other city officials in the United States have been using RTM to locate areas of concern. RTM has already proven to be successful there, and in many cities, they have seen reductions in crimes by over 30%, according to

It has since been tested successfully in 45 countries on six continents across the world.

Paliscope can support Law Enforcement digitalization and forward-leaning policing through our tools. With our Geo Analytics module in YOSE, the analysts and investigators can combine multiple data sets and visualize areas of concern.

If a Police force through RTM can plan and execute more efficiently and ultimately deliver more investigations and cases, we want to be engaged.

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