Wrapping the year – a summary from Christian <br>Berg

Wrapping the year – a summary from Christian
2022-12-27 Paliscope

The beginning of a busy year

We started the year with Chat Analytics and support for PHPBB – great for people dealing with just any type of interaction between people.

We continued with integrating the amazing image recognition technology from DejaVuAI and integrating Offline Translation.

To deal with the return of legal processes, we included special support and also the most powerful CSV/XLSX viewer on the planet.

Continuous updates throughout the year.

After being at the INTERPOL meeting, we had another release with a massive upgrade to redact and highlight chat. An enormous time saver for investigators having to share communication with others.

“Combined with Offline Translation and Redaction, YOSE Chat Analytics is the most powerful module on the planet to deal with communication”

As we approach summer, Discovry 22.1 was released to become an even better all-purpose software for all your documentation needs – with support for recording sound and working offline.

Great just became better.

But the summer is short in Sweden, and soon after the release of Discovry 22.1, it was already time for Geo Analytics release – a comprehensive way of using location as intelligence that gave our users another level of interaction with the data.

During geo-analytics work, we saw the need to update the interface to make YOSE easier to use and to make space for more functionality. The update was beyond just changing icons, and it was very well received by our users.

It has been a great year where our platform has taken massive steps forward in being your platform to review, analyze and document your data. As a result of everything we have done so far, we are becoming your all-purpose-all-source analytics tool.

But we were not done.

“This release was about connecting the dots between all the intelligence extracted.”

Last Release for 2022

We closed the year with the 7th release from Paliscope, YOSE 22.5. – Connecting the Dots, visual and textual, at the same time.

This release was about connecting the dots between all the intelligence extracted.

YOSE gives you unique capabilities to simply click and connect the dots in your data, regardless if that is visual, textual, face, geo, or time-related intelligence. Just anything, and YOSE will find the connection for you.

Winter is coming, and given all updates for 2022, you might think we will slow down the pace for 2023. Of course not! Instead, we are increasing, and with the foundation, we have built, we have very exciting things coming up in the near time.

But first.

Let’s celebrate New Year, look forward to a bright 2023 – and just enjoy everything we have accomplished during 2022!