Introducing YOSE: Your Own Search Engine

Introducing YOSE: Your Own Search Engine
2020-03-30 Paliscope

Introducing YOSE: Your Own Search Engine.

Gothenburg, Sweden, March 30.

Today, we are excited to announce the release of a brand new product that’s joining the Paliscope platform. Let us introduce YOSE – your very own AI-powered search engine. YOSE crawls through your computer to track down anything you’re looking for in a “Google-instant.”


The idea behind YOSE took flight a few years ago. Having worked with law enforcement professionals and investigators around the world for several years, we realized they were all facing the same challenge. They were gathering tons and tons of data in a variety of formats throughout the investigative process. But they didn’t have anything that could quickly and easily help them identify and sort out what data was relevant or not.

When we looked into it further, we even discovered cases where police investigators had spent countless hours manually matching hundreds of telephone numbers against previously collected data in different Excel files—one number at a time. In another case, an investigator had to scrutinize PDFs containing over 40,000 pages just to find the details they were looking for. If they were lucky enough to find them at all.

Ultimately, it all came down to the same problem: There was no efficient way for investigators to scan through and identify key information in their collection of unstructured data.

That’s why we built YOSE.

A local Google for investigators

YOSE is a powerful, yet simple, search engine that locates any type of information anywhere on your computer or hard drive. Running automatically in the background, it indexes your diverse range of files to make them searchable—from invoices and screenshots to PDFs, images and videos. And it doesn’t matter if the files are located on your desktop or even embedded within a document, zip archive, or email. YOSE tracks down all data, regardless of where it is saved. All so that you can easily find the information you need to move your investigation forward—and save a mountain of time looking for it.

Who knows, maybe you’ll discover intelligence you would have otherwise missed. Like pivotal clues hidden beneath piles of data that are nearly impossible for the eye to catch when sifting through the data manually. With YOSE, these clues are easily found thanks to the power of AI.

Our ambition from the get-go was to develop what we like to call “a local Google for investigators.” This meant that we needed to ensure that YOSE would not only be Google-fast and utilize the latest technologies, but also that it would be just as easy to use, with a sleek interface.

We are proud that YOSE has turned out just like we imagined, and we can honestly say that anyone can use it. Don’t let all the advanced technology fool you—if you can manage Google, you can manage YOSE.

AI-powered assistance that helps you close cases faster

Hiding behind YOSE’s sleek interface is an exceptionally powerful AI technology that quickly and efficiently locates all those details you are looking for. Here are some examples of the game-changing features built into YOSE:

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Search and locate text located in images, scanned documents, emails, screenshots, etc. YOSE can even read text that appears inside videos or chat app conversations.

Text Analytics

Automatically search and identify specific categories of text or number strings. It can be anything from specific credit card numbers and email addresses to documents written and/or modified by the same author or images with the identical camera serial numbers.

Facial Recognition

Identify and match persons of interest. YOSE can track objects and the faces of individuals across videos, documents, images, emails, and screenshots. 

Object Detection

Track down objects and details in images that might be relevant to your investigation. This feature also makes it easier to link clues together and identify relationships.

License Plate Recognition

Find images and videos containing the specific vehicle you are looking for. In many investigations, license plates serve as a very important clue and even a key piece of evidence.

With all this power built into the YOSE search engine, you might discover intelligence you didn’t even know existed. And, thanks to integration with the Paliscope platform, you can count on having a helping hand every step along your investigation. Get ready to solve more cases in significantly less time.

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