Uncover intelligence from locally stored data

YOSE is your own AI-driven search engine that lets you instantly track down intelligence within any file type—even from the largest, most unstructured stockpiles of locally stored data.




Your own AI-powered
search engine

YOSE leverages its built-in AI engine to scan for intelligence, deciphering interesting details like names, faces, places, and objects, then automatically delivers an overview of its findings.

Slide Make everything searchable YOSE indexes everything from invoices and screenshots to PDFs, images and videos. It doesn’t matter if the files are located on your desktop or embedded within a document or email. YOSE can handle billions of files without compromising speed.

Slide Access your data from your desktop or mobile Cross-reference pictures and text, even while you’re out in the field. With YOSE, your local data is always accessible for checking or searching via your desktop and mobile.

Slide YOSE INTELLIGENCE CENTER Make sense of your dataset with help from AI Search and automatically extract images, videos, and text from all sorts of documents. YOSE understands the contents of your data and automatically extracts interesting intelligence, then sorts it into appropriate categories. The intelligence center view supplies a quick overview of the contents of your dataset. Text Search and locate text in images, PDFs, scanned documents, emails, and screenshots. add_circle_outline Amount of money
add_circle_outline Places
add_circle_outline Credit cards
add_circle_outline 100+ more
Persons Identify and match persons of interest across images, videos and other types of documents. add_circle_outline Names
add_circle_outline Faces
add_circle_outline Alias
add_circle_outline More
Objects & scenes Track down different types of objects and details in both images and videos. add_circle_outline Vehicles
add_circle_outline Drugs
add_circle_outline IDs & credit cards
add_circle_outline 500+ more

Slide Connect to Discovry YOSE and Discovry are seamlessly integrated with one another. This means you can cross-reference your local data from YOSE with the information from your case and other services in Discovry.
Build a structured case that maintains the chain of custody. When you’re finished, you can easily export your findings as a professional report.

Latest product updates

  • Feb102021

    Product Update: YOSE just got a huge boost in scalability

    YOSE 2020.5 is out now and it’s packed with a ton of awesome updates and brand new functions…

  • Oct092020

    YOSE Product Update: Performance and Stability in Focus

    But of course, we couldn’t help adding some new functionality while we were at it…

  • Sep092020

    YOSE Product Update: The fast track to textual intelligence

    The latest YOSE release introduces Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Text Analytics…

Slide 1 YOSE system requirements Minimum requirements OS: Windows 8.1, 64-bit Memory: 16 GB Graphics: Hardware acceleration Processor: Multi-core Recommended reqirements OS: Windows 10, 64-bit Memory: 32 GB Graphics: GeForce GTX 10+ with latest Nvidia drivers Processor: Multi-core (Core i5 or better) Download YOSE Onepager

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