New release: Benefit from YOSE while working in Discovry

New release: Benefit from YOSE while working in Discovry
2020-05-11 Paliscope


Benefit from YOSE while working in Discovry

The recent release of YOSE was significant. Introducing this new product to the Paliscope platform enables investigators to efficiently scan and identify key information in piles of unstructured data. Now, with today’s release, we are making it possible to access YOSE directly in Discovry – saving investigators even more time and effort.

All the tools you need in one convenient place

Now that YOSE is integrated with Paliscope Discovry, as an investigator, you can benefit from both products in one single place. Seamlessly harness the power of the YOSE search engine to track down key information, then utilize the organizing capacities of Discovry to structure and build your case. Used together, these products enable you to identify, link and secure more evidence in less time—and ultimately run your investigations more smoothly.

Key advantages of the YOSE and Discovry integration

  • Get fast search results from YOSE directly in Discovry, and save time by not having to manually search and sort through data or switch between different tools.
  • Easily access YOSE from a browser tab in Discovry, alongside your other favourite search engines.
  • Quickly perform face searches to identify and match persons of interest across images, videos and other types of documents.
  • Send collected data items in your Discovry case to YOSE to automatically add them to the database and make them searchable in the future.
  • Send a collected webpage to YOSE to make the entire page searchable, including all text and images, even long after you’ve collected it.
  • Perform reverse image searches against YOSE on findings made in Discovry. It works the same as any other reverse images search, but for your locally saved data.

Get started right away – request a free trial

Interested in testing the new Discovry and YOSE integration? With its intuitive interface, you’ll be up and running in no time. If you would like to start a free trial, or have any questions, please contact us here.