1+1=3: Why Paliscope Discovry and YOSE are a Dream Team for Investigators

1+1=3: Why Paliscope Discovry and YOSE are a Dream Team for Investigators
2020-10-05 Paliscope

1+1=3: Why Paliscope Discovry and YOSE are a Dream Team for Investigators

Blog post by Christian Berg, CEO and co-founder of Paliscope.
Originally posted on LinkedIn.

While Paliscope YOSE and Paliscope Discovry are two superb standalone products, they also form an amazing team.

Together, they give you an intelligence system with the latest AI technologies at a fraction of the cost of a big data solution: 1+1=3!

YOSE is Your Own Search Engine. It’s like your own Google. It indexes every single piece of data you feed it and makes it searchable; extracting entities such as names, places, persons, organizations, emails, user names, etc. You can even configure YOSE to monitor a server or folder for new files and automatically index everything new that arrives! YOSE is also equipped with the latest AI technologies to enable you to perform reverse image searches, facial recognition or just a plain text search.

Discovry is most easily described as your software for finding, documenting, and reporting information from any web-based source while keeping an audit log. Discovry allows you to structure information, view link charts illustrating how people, places, organizations, and events are connected and, finally, create a professional looking report of your case and findings. Our users love Discovry because it’s really easy to use and makes creating and structuring an investigation a much smoother process.

Christian Berg, CEO, Paliscope

It only takes a minute to connect Discovry with YOSE. Just enable Discovry Access in YOSE, then connect one or many Discovry users.

What Can YOSE + Discovry Do for You?

It only takes a minute to connect Discovry with YOSE. Just enable Discovry Access in YOSE, then connect one or many Discovry users. Done!

Now you have created an intelligence system that lets you do many things which would normally only be possible using considerably larger, more expensive and complicated systems. Now, the latest technologies are available to anyone.

Let’s see what we can do with this.

Use offline Information while working online

In an investigation, there’s usually a lot of information that comes from internal sources—it can be bank statements, telephone dumps, phone logs or internal unstructured information. When collecting new information from online sources it is very valuable to be able to match newly collected information against the information that is already known. Together, Discovry and YOSE will do that for you and automatically match new material against all new and previously seized data!

Conduct live operations

We work with several different types of investigators who come together to solve a specific crime as a group. Their mission might be to track down online groomers, investigate darknet sites or to follow an ongoing event, such as a terrorist attack, or even to monitor an ongoing conflict.With the combination of YOSE and Discovry, it becomes possible for multiple users to collect and document evidence collected from various web-based sources while also sharing what has been collected with other investigators—sharing intelligence in real time between users.

Use historical data in new investigations

Many use cases involve a lot of legacy data, typically from previous investigations. There’s a saying that 70% of the information needed to solve a case is already present in the case. The problem is just how to find it.

Using YOSE and Discovry in unison, it becomes easy to see if a person, user name, email, image or GPS location has already been investigated in a previous investigation. As you are collecting new information with Discovry, it is automatically matched against everything YOSE has indexed. When you find a user name, for instance, you can directly see whether it has been part of previous investigations. The same goes for an image, face or just about anything you collect in Discovry!

Share centralized intelligence with field officers

We often meet organizations with a dedicated centralized intelligence team that has a lot of knowledge but isn’t out in the field. The challenge is to find a way to give the frontline officers the ability to easily access intelligence in order to make the right decision. It has to be very easy as well, since frontline officers usually have very little time.

On context in which this might apply could be in customs. The intelligence team might know of potentially incoming goods or potentially outgoing goods, such as stolen vehicles or boats. Or it could be in migration, where the central intelligence team has the knowledge but it is the frontline officer who is meeting the people and needs to make the decisions.

Everything accessible in YOSE can be accessed from any web browser or via Discovry.

A mobile phone or an iPad can be used to search for anything inside YOSE. You can take a picture of an object to see if it is present. You can search a license plate number or serial key. You can search for a GPS location or telephone number.

Share intelligence within a team

Investigators, researchers, journalists, lawyers, etc. often work as a team. It might be due to large volumes of data or because individuals offer various specializations. Some might be very good with darknet investigations while others are much better at open source intelligence. Or perhaps a team leader is responsible for creating the final report while others are responsible for collecting the information.

In any case, when sharing information within a team, having the ability to eliminate the duplication of work, as well as the possibility to add data on top of each other’s work, is critical to conducting the best investigation possible. YOSE helps you share intelligence between investigators to easily see whether the information you are working on is already present in the database and has been added from another investigator or from a previous investigation.

What Else?

There are many use cases that demonstrate how YOSE and Discovry form a super team of products. Together, they enable you to quickly find, document and report information or evidence, with YOSE acting as a centralized intelligence server where you can search for user names, faces, email addresses, GPS locations or similar images.

The only limit is your imagination.