Paving the road to the best platform for your investigative journey

Paving the road to the best platform for your investigative journey
2020-12-22 Paliscope


Paving the road to the best platform for your investigative journey

It’s been a busy year for us here at Paliscope. If we could sum it up with two words, they would be adaptation and innovation.

While the world was being turned upside down, we discovered new ways to work as a team and got busy creating faster and better ways to decode piles of data, and making Paliscope the best investigative platform possible. Now, with 2020 drawing to a close, we’d like to take a minute to reflect upon some of the things we have achieved, then take a peek at what we can all look forward to next.

In 2020, we experienced an increased demand from our users and investigators for a simple platform, which anyone can use, that enables more structured investigations and the efficient collection of information from all data sources—all in one and the same workplace. Simply put, you wanted a single platform that can be used throughout the entire investigative process. During the year, we decided to work hard on making this shared vision a reality.

Faster and better ways to decode piles of data

In January, we kicked off the year with the launch of Visualize Mode in Discovry. A feature that makes it possible for you to discover how different pieces of data are linked to one another by automatically creating advanced link charts between collected data.

In March, we launched a new product for our platform called YOSE, an AI-powered search engine that helps you automatically discover clues from your collection of local data. Since the launch of YOSE, the program continued to develop enormously throughout the year with new developments including, among other things, natural language processing technology and its own AI-driven PDF viewer. We also added a YOSE Intelligence center that automatically deciphers the contents of your local data, then presents it in different categories so you quickly scan and see exactly what kind of intelligence your data set contains.

Then, in May, to get even closer to our vision of creating a product that can be used throughout the entire investigative process, we launched the integration between Discovry and YOSE. Now, as an investigator, you can benefit from both of our products in one single place, seamlessly harness the power of the YOSE search engine to track down key information, then utilize the organizational capacities of Discovry to structure and build your case.

A new level of performance for the Paliscope platform

In the autumn, our product team worked very hard to push the Paliscope platform to the next level by launching a number of performance and stability updates. Additionally, they did a lot of preparatory work for the upcoming release in 2021 which will include, among other things, a completely new concept that will allow both external and internal data to be collected with even greater efficiency. Regardless of the types of investigations you run, or what skill level you’re at as an investigator, as a Paliscope user you will be able to connect directly to the data sources you usually work with and be able to efficiently collect that data directly from the Discovry view. Something that will streamline your work considerably.

Of course, we also worked on a bunch of other exciting new things which will come out in early 2021. But, for details, you’ll have to wait. It’s fun having something to look forward to, isn’t it? For now, we’d like to extend a big thanks to all our customers for your continued support as we continually strive to make Paliscope the best platform possible for your investigative journeys. We wish you a happy holiday season and a successful year to come!