Product Update: YOSE just got a huge boost in scalability

Product Update: YOSE just got a huge boost in scalability
2021-02-10 Paliscope


Get smarter information now: YOSE just got a huge boost in scalability

Today, we are excited to announce the release of YOSE 2021.1 (Your Own Search Engine) which contains a ton of awesome updates and brand new functions.

One of the main highlights is that we have replaced the old database with a new one, and have added a brand new index motor—an upgrade that allows you to handle MUCH larger datasets. Your data will now be indexed up to 10 times faster than before.

Considering that our users can now index and manage extreme amounts of data, we felt it was the perfect opportunity to rethink and improve the user interface to make it more efficient for navigating extreme amounts of data. We also took the liberty of adding a bunch of cool new features to the software, which are bound to make your workflow easier.

As you download the latest version, we hope this summary of features will build up anticipation… until you get to try each of them yourself:

Key new features in this update include:

Scalable backend

The database backend has been updated to RocksDB, a database developed by Facebook to ensure scalability and performance in very large databases. This means that you can now import and handle extreme amounts of data without any problems. You can also prioritize which processes to run with a simple push of a button—something that will save a lot of time for our investigators. Thanks to increased performance, we can deliver a number of innovative solutions that will help you find what you are looking for.

Trace functionality

Let YOSE discover links between information for you, with up to 10 levels of separation. This works with chats, financial transactions, documents, and more.

360° person view

YOSE now offers a new view for collecting all information around a single person. Follow an individual across specific times and places, and view all the information and people related to them.

Face center

Here’s a brand new way to find the person you are looking for. With help from AI, relevant information is smartly extracted so you can quickly find the person you are looking for, without having to scroll and scroll.

Filter searches

You can now filter your search results according to all dimensions of information. This makes it possible to filter your search results with respect to text within documents or text coming from OCR on top of the more traditional filters available, such as time, place, person, file type, etc.

Link graphs

It is now super easy to open link levels and build upon them. You can now even draw on the link graphs yourself which means you can easily present content in a clear way, just as you want. Included is a dataset from UN with icons to use in most scenarios

”YOSE has been a very good tool, but the advancements in its capabilities over the past 6 months are truly amazing!”
– Beta tester
”It is the most intuitive and functional tool I have seen so far in 20 plus years as an analyst.”
– Beta tester

Other improvements you’ll find in this update:

  • Updated Natural Language Processing library with higher precision, in combination with the ability to decipher more file formats.
  • The YOSE intelligence center has been seriously revamped, with new categories and smart features related to better map views and better ways to locate people.
  • Super resolution. With the help of AI, you can now scale up images so they become sharper in higher resolution.
  • Check whether images have been manipulated. Now it’s easy to detect if images have been tampered with by looking at the error encoding in your .jpg files.
  • Reverse image search has been updated in scalability—up to 500 million images can now be run.
  • Redaction. This new function makes it super easy to select parts in images and enlarge them so that stakeholders can understand where they should focus.
  • We’ve introduced several Analytical Views that allow you to quickly understand what kind of information is in your search results. Right-click on an image to get important information such as when the material was captured, what time, etc.
  • Bug fixes, bug fixes, bug fixes.
  • Improvements and polishing throughout

Upcoming YOSE 2021.1 release webinar

Want to stay plugged into what the latest YOSE product update mean for you? On February 18 @ 3 pm CET Christian Berg will walk you through the new interface and best practices around our latest product features.

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