Paliscope and Conversy enter into collaboration

Paliscope and Conversy enter into collaboration
2023-06-20 Paliscope

We continuously look at new opportunities to implement the best technology in the world, to help us deliver the latest and most powerful analytical capabilities to our customers. Conversy is such an example, they offer an incredibly powerful technology that, together with the already existing AI capabilities of YOSE, exponentially benefits the user when combined with e.g. Face Recognition, OCR and DejaVuA

/ Christian Berg, co-founder and deputy CEO at Paliscope

Read about the implementation of Voice Recognition in the 23.2 release of YOSE here: 

More information about Conversy here:

About Paliscope

Paliscope is a Swedish intelligence analysis & software company. Paliscope offers capability development programs within multiple intelligence disciplines, including OSINT. YOSE and Discovry are software solutions, part of the Paliscope software platform, leveraging offline AI/ML models to index, process and analyze data from video, images, text, chat, audio, geolocation etc.  


Christian Berg
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