Unleashing Voice Recognition with YOSE 23.2

Unleashing Voice Recognition with YOSE 23.2
2023-06-20 Paliscope

Enhancing intelligence analysis: Introducing Voice Recognition to YOSE’s array of AI Capabilities 

Adding to already existing Face Recognition, Object Detection, Natural Langue Processing and the long list of AI capabilities included in YOSE – you will now be able to seamlessly recognize voices in videos and audio files, grouping individuals based on their distinct vocal signatures. 

This will let you follow individuals across your entire dataset – identifying where they have been heard before, whom they have been heard together with, what language they are speaking and even coupling the voice to a face. 

You will be able to transcribe the specific individual’s speech using Speech2Text (released in YOSE 23.1.0) and offline translate it –making it searchable in a language of your choosing. 

Voice Recognition is a very powerful feature for intelligence analysis, and combining it with all the other capabilities in YOSE it will help you identify even more clues and build a more comprehensive intelligence picture. All done offline and on premise of course.  

Read about the technological collaboration behind this capability here.

Boosting Efficiency: the new time-saving features unveiled in YOSE 23.2  

In addition to Voice Recognition, this release includes a whole range of time saving news for working in YOSE.   

Person detail panel: Uncover Comprehensive Insights 

Providing you with comprehensive access to all related information about a selected person i.e. metadata, files where the person appears, their spoken words, facial profiles and more. The overview empowers you to delve deeper into the world of individuals. 

Direct Media Play: A Seamless Viewing Experience 

Forget the hassle of opening the video player when wanting to view media files. Now videos and audio can be played directly in the search results view.  Automatically playing from the precise moment that you searched for. No need to open the video viewer and no wasted time.  

File Notes: Annotate and Organize with Ease  

Giving you even more abilities to add context and annotations to your files.  Add assumptions, conclusions, images and even selections of images. Export all, or selected, File Notes any time during your analysis or investigation. 

Interactions : Many small improvement make a great difference 

New and improved ways of working in the Interaction Center to speed up your workflow and make it even easier to analyze e.g. chat, forum and email data. Including:  

  • Tagging, filtering and viewing all related intelligence on the Participant Cards. 
  • Streamlined management of Discord and PHBBP data
  • More options for viewing and opening your interactions 
  • …and much more. 

My Classifier (requires DejaVuAI): YOSE’s latest breakthrough for custom visual recognition

My Classifier is our new visual intelligence functionality that finds visually matching content based on a set of reference images of your choosing. This enables you create your own classification system, on top of the generic classifier that’s already active in YOSE. This is a game changer in situations where you have found a unique person/object/scene/pattern of interest and want to find visually matching content in your set of data. Just add one or multiple images, selections of images or video frames to a new classification and let YOSE search through your data to find all matching material.     

For a full list of features and improvements in this release, log in to myPaliscope and read the release notes. Click here to download the latest version of YOSE. If you don’t yet have a myPaliscope account, click here to apply for one. 

To see YOSE 23.2 in action, register to our webinar the 4th of July