YOSE 23.3 – Reveal the hidden patterns within your data

YOSE 23.3 – Reveal the hidden patterns within your data
2023-11-07 Paliscope

Uncover patterns, anywhere 

Spotting and interpreting patterns within your data is a fundamental aspect of any investigation or intelligence task. Regular occurrences, or anomalies of them, can act as important signals in anticipating or understanding events. 

By identifying the historical sequences and irregularities, investigators or analysts can predict potential future occurrences, and gain valuable insights to piece together timelines and motives e.g. understanding an user behavior.

In this YOSE release you will be able to spot patterns in any part of your data; automatically building pattern-of-life overviews for all entities, relieving you from the very time consuming and tedious task. 

Whether you’re interested in tracking the occurrence and time patterns of a code word, phone number, image, audio, or identifying when a person is normally active in a chat , YOSE has got you covered. You just have to choose what you want to look at, and YOSE will help you uncover the pattern, or lack thereof. 

Enhancing your AI capabilities 

Thanks to newly evolved AI components, YOSE is proud to introduce the next generation of offline face, voice, and license plate recognition. This enhancement means that you can now create intelligence from vast amounts of data, even faster and more accurately than before. 

Better accuracy in finding and matching persons 

The YOSE 23.3 release takes offline face recognition to new heights. It can now identify people in images taken from different angles or when only part of a face is visible. What’s more, you have the flexibility to set your precision rates, a significant advancement that lets you fine-tune the recognition process. This is particularly valuable when analyzing online images, where filters can make people appear more alike. 

“Seriously, this is unbelievably good” – words from a senior analyst about the new and improved face recognition.

Faster Voice Recognition 

Your time is precious, and YOSE recognizes that. The new speech2Text and voice recognition module reduces processing time by five times. This advancement means that you can dive into your analytical or investigative work much faster than before. 

License Plate Recognition in challenging conditions 

This release also brings improvements in the identification of license plates, even in dark and blurry conditions. No more struggling to decipher critical information hidden in less-than-ideal settings. 

In conclusion, YOSE 23.3 is a significant step forward in the world of data analysis. It’s about making your work more efficient and ensuring you have the tools to improve you analytical or investigative process. 

Free trial of DejaVuAI included in the new release 

Included in this version of YOSE you will automatically get a 30 days free DejaVuAI trial. With the integrated technology, you can: 

  • Search and find visual content inside videos and images. 
  • Create custom visual classification systems. Read more about My Classifier here. 
  • Search for similar content using a specific image, video, or external image as a starting point, or take a screenshot 
  • View results as visually clustered groups on the canvas and continue to build a link graph of the result. 
  • View results in detail by changing rotation, adjusting the opacity, or zooming in. 
  • Continuously add more images, videos, or files to the search result to build a complete link graph. 
  • Enrich the result with maps, timelines, icons, or vector graphics. 

Read more about Paliscope’s collaboration with DejaVuAI here. 

For a full list of features and improvements in this release, log in to myPaliscope and read the release notes. Click here to download the latest version of YOSE. If you don’t yet have a myPaliscope account, click here to apply for one. 

To see YOSE 23.3 in action, join our live webinar on November 15th at 15.00 CET