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  • Jan222020

    New release: Paliscope Discovry Visualize Mode

    Losing time making sense of data? The latest Paliscope release introduces Visualize…

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  • Dec122019

    A Quick Tutorial on Debunking Propaganda Images on Twitter

    Twitter is ripe with propaganda, and what better way to gain sympathizers or spread…

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  • Nov112019

    Paliscope Workshop – Är informationen framför dig sann eller falsk?

    Missa inte Paliscopes workshop där du kommer lära dig hur du effektivast utreder desinformation och falska nyheter som sprids på nätet.

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  • Aug232019

    Record browser tab

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  • Mar212019

    Paliscope teams up with ICMEC to help law enforcement combat online child exploitation.

    Open-source intelligence (OSINT) investigations are becoming an increasingly important part of investigations into different crimes, insurance claims, intellectual property rights, internal business security issues and in investigative journalism. Paliscope is a new software developed to enable structured and secure OSINT investigations. 

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  • Mar122019

    Explore deeper and faster with new online investigation services.

    We’re happy to finally announce the release of a bunch of great new service integrations…

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  • Dec102018

    Create a professional report

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  • Dec092018

    Collect webpages

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  • Dec062018

    Paliscope Smart Images

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  • Nov292018

    Collect data in Discovry

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