• Dec092022

    Threat landscape 2023

    Guest: Charl van der Walt, Orange Cyberdefense

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  • Sep282022

    Cyber security and Microsoft

    Guest: Sandra Barouta Elvin, Microsoft

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  • Sep142022

    CISO Report 2022

    Guest: Michelle Torlén, Paliscope

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  • Aug312022

    Digitalizing government

    Guest: Sean Roche, AWS

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  • May182022

    The Swedish cyber landscape 2022

    Guest: Freddie Rinderud, Radar

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  • Apr292022

    The human factor

    Guest: Carolina Angelis, Truesec

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  • Apr072022

    Swedens’ National Cybersecurity Centre

    Guest: Therese Naess.

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  • Mar222022

    Mobile security

    Guests: Alex and Damon from Zimperium.

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  • Mar102022

    How to secure the

    Guest: Fredrik Krantz, Yubico.

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  • Feb232022

    CISO at a large telecom operator

    Guest: Ulf Andersson, Telenor

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