New software for online investigations

New software for online investigations
2018-04-10 Paliscope

New software for online investigations.

Increasing importance of open-source intelligence (OSINT) investigations also means an increasing need to structure and secure those investigations.

Gothenburg, Sweden, 10 April 2018 – Open-source intelligence (OSINT) investigations are becoming an increasingly important part of investigations into different crimes, insurance claims, intellectual property rights, internal business security issues and in investigative journalism. Paliscope is a new software developed to enable structured and secure OSINT investigations. 

“The need to investigate information that is openly available online has never been greater in our increasingly global and digital world”, said Christian Berg, CEO at Paliscope. “It’s a way of solving crimes, but also a means of knowing who you are dealing with and separating facts from false claims. However, it is not a matter of just collecting and storing large amounts of data, online investigations have to be carried out with structure and purpose – not in the least in the light of the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)”.

” … it is not only difficult to keep an overview of, it is also an insecure way of storing the information, making it difficult to prove its authenticity”

There are countless tools available to search different parts of the internet, each independent of each other. Today, online investigations are conducted using those tools, as well as regular internet searches, and then the information is often simply copied and pasted into Word documents.

“This means that it is not only difficult to keep an overview of, it is also an insecure way of storing the information, making it difficult to prove its authenticity”, said Christian Berg.

Paliscope is a new software with an integrated browser, designed to make it possible to search, organize and store information in a structured way. Information from many tools can even be accessed directly from Paliscope. It also includes an audit trail to ensure the authenticity of the material, and measurements are put in place to make sure that material is not stored longer than needed. Paliscope offers a free Community Edition and a Work Edition for professional use.

The idea behind Paliscope was born two years ago. Paliscope, is part of the impact tech company Safer Society Group. Safer Society Group is also the parent company to NetClean and Griffeye, both industry leaders in their respective fields.

Short facts about open-source intelligence (OSINT)

Open-Source INTelligence (OSINT) is data and intelligence that is unclassified and publicly available from open online sources. Put simply it includes anything that is freely available on the internet. Sources include social media platforms, forums, websites, news media etcetera.

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