New software for faster, easier and more secure online investigations

New software for faster, easier and more secure online investigations
2018-04-10 Paliscope

Paliscope – New software for faster, easier and more secure online investigations.

When we saw all the difficult and time-consuming tasks in handling an online investigation we thought, “Why should it be so hard?” Quickly followed by “How can we help?” So, with Paliscope, we want to create the best software for your online investigations – helping you save time by collecting data in a structured way, secure the integrity of the data with an audit log and generate a professional, customizable report that can easily be shared. Try it out for free with our Community edition.

Paliscope is online investigation software that will help you collect data, secure its integrity and generate a shareable, professional report of the investigation. We think it will benefit everyone from the more experienced user to the beginner in OSINT (open source intelligence) investigations.

Whether you work with deep investigative journalism, law enforcement investigations, human resources lookups or other internal business security issues, this first version gives you great software with the integrated tools you are used to online. With these tools and the easy drag-and-drop feature, you can start building your case. All information is stored in accordance with the GDPR.

Keyword highlighting, multiple languages, planning mode, templates and video capturing are just a few of the long list of features in the pipeline. We can’t wait to get them out there to see what our users can achieve. It’s all part of our long-term commitment to build the best OSINT software – and this is just the beginning. We’d like you to join us on our journey because, as many ideas as we have, we know that it’s together with our users and their ideas that we can go even further.

We hope you enjoy Paliscope and that it makes your online investigations faster, easier and more secure. To get started today, just download your free Community edition.