The vision for the future – Follow us on our journey!

The vision for the future – Follow us on our journey!
2018-04-10 Paliscope

Paliscope – The vision for the future

The version of Paliscope released today is the first version – version 1.0. But it doesn’t stop here. We have so many plans for this software! Sign up and follow us on our journey, we have many interesting features coming up and big plans for the future.

We (the people behind Paliscope) have created leading software solutions for more than fifteen years. Paliscope is the third impact tech company in a line of hopefully many.

When we create a new software, we start with a clean slate and we begin to build a prototype. That is how our creative process works. Also – we love features! So, during this process we invent an insane amount of features and functionality that we want in the product.

When the development of the real product starts our CTO takes over and transforms all those ideas into something that we can release to you, creating a stable and user-friendly product. That unfortunately also means that we cannot get all the features into version 1.0. But do not despair, they will be implemented in the future. Here are some examples of the exciting things to come.


One of the upcoming features is screen recording, which allows you to capture everything that you do on the screen for evidence purposes. The captured events can be saved to the case and included in the report.


Paliscope is already prepared for team collaboration in investigations, but the functionality has yet to be fully implemented. This will allow several people to work on the same case, to cross-reference cases to see correlations, and to move a case into team mode to get help from others.


As an experienced user, you will be able to design a workflow template with a to-do list for each type of investigation. This can then be shared across your organization to help less experienced investigators with what steps to take in a certain type of investigation. This saves valuable time and enables more people to use the power of OSINT.


Automation will enable users to automatically monitor websites for changes and to download these to the case (this will only be available in some versions due to legislation).


This feature will enable different ways to present the information in your case and the relations between the data, to get a better overview of how it is connected. This could for example be on a time-line, to get a chronological view, or as a bubble diagram to see patterns in the investigation.

[INTEGRATED] with Griffeye and Project VIC

Of course. We plan to integrate the workflow with Griffeye’s image and video databases. Paliscope will automatically match all images and videos on the screen towards your image and video databases. Alternatively, when you found something interesting in Griffeye you will be able to easily start an online investigation in Paliscope.


Your idea
We want to hear your ideas and requests! Our goal is that Paliscope should be the best OSINT software. To reach that goal we need your help, it’s as simple as that. Let us know your ideas, thoughts and wishes, and we will do our best to make them happen. Feel free to post your thoughts in the forum myPalicope.