CameraForensics is now included in Paliscope Discovry

CameraForensics is now included in Paliscope Discovry
2020-06-24 Paliscope

CameraForensics is now included in Paliscope Discovry.

Today, we are happy to announce that CameraForensics has been included in Paliscope Discovry at no extra cost for law enforcement professionals.

CameraForensics is a tool that indexes imagery across the web to match online and offline personas. Their growing database of over two billion images can link devices, similar images, locations, EXIF data and other metadata.

CameraForensic has been available as an add-on in Paliscope Discovry for about a year but will now be included in the platform for all users working within law enforcement. This means that police investigators will be able to match collected data directly against the CameraForensics database to find more clues online and leverage essential information in their cases.

Our hope is that an even closer partnership between Paliscope and CameraForensics will better support law enforcement in their investigations and ultimately help solve more cases in a shorter amount of time.

LIVE WEBINAR: Sign up for the free webinar ‘Using CameraForensics to generate more actionable intelligence’ here