YOSE Product Update: The fast track to textual intelligence

YOSE Product Update: The fast track to textual intelligence
2020-09-09 Paliscope


The fast track to textual intelligence

The latest YOSE release introduces a feature that dramatically reduces manual work of processing investigative material and gives investigators a shortcut to textual intelligence.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Text Analytics works automatically to help investigators quickly understand the contents of large volumes of diverse information and spot case-critical connections. Not only does this save loads of time, but it also helps ensure no intelligence gets overlooked.

For investigators, a typical case can involve manually sifting through heaps of documentation in various forms—from text files and PDFs to images and videos. While YOSE already takes care of the job of consolidating all these different types of raw data and making them searchable, the new NLP feature automates the process of extracting intelligence and helps investigators spot valuable data links faster than ever.

Connect the dots automatically

Enabled by artificial intelligence, NLP scans various types of documentation indexed in YOSE and automatically reads and makes sense of the contents of each document, identifies the connections, then visualizes the results in a link chart. Investigators can put the technology to work for them, automatically extracting linked data of interest from their collection of documents—a specific name, telephone number, location, flight codes, etc. YOSE already supports over 100 different entity types, and this will continue to grow.

Needless to say, this feature is tremendously helpful to investigators who can almost instantly transform a collection of unprocessed documentation into a visualized story of links and relationships. With the manual, and mistake-prone, work of examining huge amounts of information eliminated, investigators are now free to swiftly extract case-vital intelligence and solve cases faster.

Key advantages of NLP and Text Analytics in YOSE

  • Easy to use for any investigator.
  • Navigate and understand the contents of large volumes of investigative material quickly.
  • Extract intelligence from diverse sources of information.
  • Visualize the results with helpful link charts.
  • Discover connections between people, places, events, etc.

For a full list of all improvements and updates in the 2020.3 release, log in to MyPaliscope and read the release notes. Or simply download the new update and try it out.

How can YOSE help you?
If you work with a lot of documentation, feel free to contact us and we’ll show you how YOSE can transform the way you work.