Approaching summer — a half-year interview with CEO Rolf Rosenvinge

Approaching summer — a half-year interview with CEO Rolf Rosenvinge
2023-07-12 Paliscope

What has been the highlights of the year so far for Paliscope? 

We’ve had a really exciting first half of the year. One thing that stands out this year is that we have been more visible in media, both in Swedish National TV4 and The Wall Street Journal, supporting both parts with research on Russia, and more specifically the Wagner Group. We’ve been able to show a wider audience what our analytical capabilities can do, as well as spread awareness about the company Paliscope. It has been an insightful experience for the whole organization, and something that we are really proud of. 

Can you tell us something about the latest technological advancements? 

We’ve continued to expand the capabilities of our product platform with a couple of major technology updates, the latest being that we’ve added voice recognition to the existing analytical capabilities of YOSE, which will be a game changer for analysts who work with audio and video. I have had the chance to sit down with several customers, and they are amazed by the analytical components we’ve managed to build into one solution. Making it possible to perform real and effective intelligence fusion. 

We have also launched the Deployable Intelligence Solution [DIS], a solution including both software and hardware for analyzing large volumes of all-source data anywhere. This is hugely appreciated by deployed teams needing to perform fast, complex intelligence analysis close to the sources.

What has the market response been?  

This spring has involved a lot of traveling across Europe. We’ve attended two major fairs, SOFINS in France and ISS in Czech Republic, both great events for us, attracting a lot of interest in what we do and confirms that we are on the right track, creating solutions that truly benefits our customers.  

What’s in store for the upcoming 6 months?  

Looking ahead, we have a really exciting second half of the year as well. We are focusing on continued and significant ARR (annual recurring revenue) growth. We are expanding our customer base across Europe, North America and the Pacific. I believe we are now in a position where our offerings truly can help solve many use cases. We see our customers already today working on child sexual abuse, trafficking, counterterrorism, counter intelligence, and a lot of other use cases. We will stay close to our customers and continue with our already initiated focus on capability development. We are not only a product company, we are also a capability company, we really beleive it is the combination of the two that makes our organization stand out. 

Thank you for these past 6 months. We wish our Customers, Partners, and Team a great summer and hopefully some well-deserved time off. 

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