Wrapping 2023 – a summary from Rolf Rosenvinge 

Wrapping 2023 – a summary from Rolf Rosenvinge 
2023-12-27 Paliscope

During 2023 we continued to mature our products, YOSE and Discovry, we met a significant number of new clients, entered into new technological partnerships – and now we are closing the year with 100% ARR growth! All thanks to our customers and our team who are constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries. 

The way our products support Law Enforcement, Intelligence, Military and Private sector customers is impressive, in my humble opinion, and during 2023 we added a lot of new functionality to speed up and improve their analytical/investigative processes even more. 

In YOSE we’ve introduced pattern of life analysis, voice recognition and speech to text, video analysis with advanced image matching technology and more. We can confidentially say that our customers now have access to the latest analytical technology on the market. 

Similarly, we’ve taken Discovry documentation and case building a leap forward, introducing annotations and supporting online intelligence and war crime investigations with our forensic browser and report engine (make sure to read our Impact Study on Truth Hounds’ war crime investigations). 

In addition to our product advancements, we have continued to build our capacity to support customers with way of workings and tailored training, e.g. OSINT courses. Taking us even closer to our customers, supporting them not only with technology but also methodology. 

Our Cyber advisory team has also continued to serve large Enterprise customers, and we have continued to use and leverage our outside-in and OSINT approach to shape our cyber programs. 

What’s in store for 2024 

As we move into 2024, our mission continues to be the same – we support our customers in their efforts to use data and information to protect our values, our democracies, our safety & security. In the midst of the geopolitical uncertainties that we are living in, we will continue to be a force for good, to innovate and incorporate the latest technology in our platform to do so.   

We will also carry on with our substantial pro bono support and have decided to donate this year’s company X-mas gifts to Médecins Sans Frontières and Ukrainian NGO Truth Hounds, organizations dedicated to protecting the vulnerable and conducting critical war crimes investigations. 

To our outstanding customers, whose tireless efforts safeguard us all, and to our dedicated team, thank you for your commitment and hard work. 

May you all have a fantastic holiday season!  

Until next time,