YOSE 24.1 – Speech2Chat

YOSE 24.1 – Speech2Chat
2024-02-26 Paliscope

Introducing Speech2Chat

Imagine being able to search and connect the dots across large volumes of recorded material and visualising a conversation between two or more people in a structured visual format. And doing it all 100% offline and on premise.

Speech2Chat is a revolutionary feature that combines Speech-to-Text transcriptions, person and voice recognition, and chat analytics. It provides users with the means to take multiple audio and video files containing interactions between two or more individuals, transcribe them, and present interactions within a searchable interactions viewer.

With Speech2Chat, you’re equipped with an easy-to-use interface that lets you read, filter, tag, annotate and even translate spoken words in audio and video, offline. Providing a seamless way to handle dialogues, integrating them with other intelligence for a comprehensive overview, and enabling an export of the transcribed content, including offline translations, into organized reports.

  • Manage all your interviews in one interface.
  • Cross reference interviews with all your other intelligence
  • Use the YOSE Web Server to search through dialogues and messages from any web browser, even from a mobile phone
  • Combine with alerts to instantly ger notified if the person mentions a word of interest or if the voice of the person matches a search for person.
  • Use keywords to quickly review and navigate in dialogues
  • Intelligence extraction let you view all mentioned entities such as persons, places, times etc.

Listening and evolving: Enhanced Offline Translation

Paliscope’s commitment to evolving with its users’ needs shines through with the upgraded Offline Translation package, now supporting 2 new languages. This enhancement is a direct response to user feedback, showcasing our dedication to providing tools that meet the real-world needs of our users.

Additional functionalities to boost your workflow in YOSE

  • Dynamic Context Menus™ and Dark Skin: Enhancements like dynamic menus that adapt to your needs and a sleek new dark skin option streamline your workflow and improve usability. 
  • Bulk Import and Data Removal: Bulk import conversations in various formats and manage data with ease, including manual or scheduled data purges for operational security. 
  • Enhanced Alerts and User Interface Improvements: The revamped Alert 2.0 system, with its intuitive interface and comprehensive alert rules, keeps you informed as data is coming in. It’s like having an assistant who never sleeps, constantly sifting through data to alert you about the information most relevant to you. 

Don’t miss out: Discover how YOSE can revolutionize your work 

If you’re in the investigative field and haven’t yet explored how Paliscope YOSE can change the game for you: reach out, schedule a demo, and witness firsthand how these latest features can simplify your investigative process, saving time and resources. 

For a full list of features and improvements in this release, log in to myPaliscope and read the release notes. Click here to download the latest version of YOSE. If you don’t yet have a myPaliscope account, click here to apply for one. 

To see YOSE 24.1 in action, join our live webinar on February 29th at 15.00 CET