Cybersecurity Executive Training

Empowering Executives

You are an Executive or member of the Board and halfway into your CISOs briefing on the current state of the organisation´s cyber security and necessary budget for identified improvement initiatives.

You feel that the CISO’s message isn´t getting across and that you lack the ability as a decision maker to challenge what is necessary in terms of relevant capabilities and budget.

When your CISO regularly reports on the organisation’s cyber security posture, wouldn’t it be nice to have the insights and language to challenge the message in relation to the current threat landscape and the required target state? This way you could require relevant cyber security capabilities for your organisation!

And when cyber security incidents occur, wouldn´t you like to feel comfortable that you have the right toolbox to be an effective decision maker and communicator in crisis management and communication?

Bridging the knowledge gap

Our experience is that bridging the knowledge gap between Executive Management and Boards and the CISOs (responsible for building and operating the cyber security practice) has a positive impact on the organisation´s overall cyber security posture.

We believe that insights and an overall understanding of relevant threat scenarios and corresponding cyber security capabilities allow you to take an active part in identifying relevant risks and shaping the necessary risk oversight in relation to cyber security which is a core task for Executive Management and Boards in the modern digital world.

Mastering the basic building blocks of modern cyber defence and understanding what the challenges are based on relevant threats to the business makes you able to understand the CISO’s reality and message and challenge proposed initiatives and related budgets. These insights and proper language to express your position will also give you the necessary confidence for a constructive dialog with your CISO on cyber security risk, necessary initiatives, priorities and related spend.

If the situation feels familiar to you Paliscope has the relevant and cost-effective training for you.

We see the role of the Executive in the cyber context as having risk insight, overseeing the company’s cyber security posture and maturity development, approving budgets, requesting relevant information from your CISO and be proficient in crisis management and communication.

Extensive Training Solution

Paliscope has provided valuable insights to many Executive Management teams and Boards in different industries and geographic regions. Many companies have added this topic to the recurring executive meeting agenda and have dedicated an annual slot in the agenda for this training.

Performed as a half day executive training you learn to master the fundamentals of modern cyber security and how they are connected to the current treat landscape. You will be presented real-life case scenarios, where we guide you through each scenario, discussing and exercising together. The discussions and exercises will cover critical priorities and actions, as well as internal and external communication when dealing with a crisis. You will need to act like in a real-life situation to build your hands-on cyber readiness and proficiency.

Below you find the learning objectives as well as deliverables and activities part of our proposed Executive training:

Sounds interesting?

Get in touch and we are happy to share references, pricing and overall training setup, which we can tailor to your specific needs.

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