How to keep your online investigations GDPR compliant

How to keep your online investigations GDPR compliant
2018-08-23 Paliscope

How to keep your online investigations GDPR compliant

Remember the General Data Protection Regulation? Well it’s still very much a thing. And OSINT investigation data is no exception. Luckily Paliscope is here to guide you through that jungle.

Just over three months has passed since the GDPR came into force and, although the hysteria surrounding it has now subsided, it’s still very much a thing. Not least for OSINT investigators, whose job typically involves gathering and handling a lot of personal data. That’s because the GDPR requires them to have complete control over their data and make sure everything is stored and handled responsibly.

Personal data must be deleted

One aspect of GDPR that can be tricky for a lot of people is the process of deleting personal data. The way OSINT investigations are usually conducted – copying and pasting information, and then storing it in various different folders and Word documents – makes keeping track of all that data extremely difficult. Which places a lot of responsibility on the actual investigators.

Paliscope was developed around Privacy by Design

This is where Paliscope really shines. Not only does the software help you to structure your investigations (by making sure all related information is stored in one place) and easily locate specific data, but Paliscope was actually developed around the Privacy by Design principles.

Automatic 90-day reminders

One of the great features with Paliscope is the automatic notifications. These gentle reminders tell you when a specific item has been stored for too long. That way, you don’t have to keep sifting through everything in order to identify any personal information that’s been forgotten about. And you can either adjust the timeframe to meet your specific criteria or just use the default setting of 90 days. Then, when you receive the notification it’s up to you whether you wish to delete the data or keep it on file. The point of this feature is to ensure that no data is kept on file by mistake.

No data leakage

Every single case you work on in Paliscope is tucked away in its own separate little box, nice and secure from things like data leakage and easy deletion. Not only that, but it also ensures that when you do decide to delete a case, to comply with GDPR for example, that nothing is left behind on your system. No files, no logs, no nothing.

GDPR compliance made simple

With the right tools and support, GDPR needn’t be complicated or stressful. The only thing you have to do is keep track of your data and make sure you don’t hold on to it any longer than necessary. And, like we said, Paliscope will help you with all of that.