YOSE Product Update: Manage, analyze, and link ALL your data in one app

YOSE Product Update: Manage, analyze, and link ALL your data in one app
2021-10-04 Paliscope


Manage, analyze, and link ALL your data in one app. The largest update in YOSE history.

From diversified format handling to the comeback of our popular license plate recognition feature, there’s so much packed in this release we’ve decided to leave beta version 2020.2 in the past. Welcome to YOSE 2021.3.

We believe that one of the keys to a successful investigation is the ability to efficiently process and examine all kinds of file formats. Every investigation involves traversing a great deal of media, communication, texts, and websites. In order to get a grip on the big picture, investigators used to have to spend precious time jumping between different apps. This update has improved the features that impact all these parts of the investigation—and one app is now all you need.

YOSE 2021.3 makes it possible to quickly and easily manage, analyze, and link ALL your data. Leveraging YOSE’s advanced AI systems and hardware-accelerated gui, you can also quickly and automatically link all kinds of file formats. This way, you can consolidate all your clues in one and the same view and easily get an overview of how everything is connected.

Besides diversified format handling, you’ll also find a number of other feature news and updates that make this version of YOSE a true game-changer for your investigative workflow.

Every investigation contain the combination of:

Release highlights

License plate recognition

License plate recognition for videos and images is back—and it’s very good. It can handle almost any type of license plate format with a high degree of accuracy.

Free text reading for videos and images

Decipher the free text that appears in videos or images— including text that appears in signs, logos and overlays.

New AI-powered text classifier

Find and apply optical character recognition (OCR) to free text from images or video frames such as signs, labels or logos. The text classifier can even handle rotated images.

  • Find images or video frames containing tattoos
  • Detect child sexual abuse material
  • Scene Classification AI (for drugs, weapons, ID/credit cards, etc.) is up to two times faster and 50% more accurate

Expanded NLP libraries

  • The Natural Language Processing feature is now updated with better libraries for Swedish and English, and greater stability.
  • OCR
    • Improved OCR on videos
    • OCR text on inverted images and more obscure styles

And much more!

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