Protect your organizations senior executives with Executive monitoring

Protect your organizations senior executives with Executive monitoring
2022-02-15 Paliscope

Today no one can be sure that their information assets won’t have leaked. Criminals are working every day, targeting executives, and hacking their accounts just to sell their information assets on the dark web.

We have a solution to help with this problem – that is executive monitoring by a highly experienced team of cyber analysts, using the latest technology to make sure you will be notified as soon as information about you appears on the web where it shouldn’t. Even more importantly, we help with remediation to lower the risk of brand damage.

In this article, Michelle Torlén, Cyber Analyst at Paliscope, will explain how the current cyber threat landscape is especially harmful to executives and why monitoring is needed.

What is executive monitoring? 

– Executive monitoring is a service where we constantly monitor a company’s executives’ risk-profile online. We have a unique in-house team of cyber analysts working with this service, using a combination of technology and Paliscope’s in-house developed tools and methods to find leaked information like credentials, ATM card numbers, confidential documents, and anything that could threaten the company or the executive.  

How could information assets leak in the first place? 

– If you are an executive or a person with a significant impact on the company, you are automatically a target for hackers. To give one example, employees use their corporate email for private matters on various sites as it is easier to have everything stored in one place. But when those sites get breached, important information like passwords can get collected and sold on the dark web.  

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What kind of information is monitored? 

– It varies between customers. We always decide in consensus with our customers and their specific needs. We jointly develop a checklist, and usually, it includes the executives’ full name, company email, company domain name, home address, telephone number, etc. It can also be indicators for confidential documents or projects. Anything that the company thinks is important to monitor. We also monitor social media to detect potential impersonation of the executives or company.  

What happens if my information assets are identified on the dark web? Or a social media impersonation?   

– When we identify information about the executives we are monitoring, we immediately send a flash report stating what we have found, how significant the risk is, and our recommendations to prevent a breach or other consequences that could follow from our findings. This will keep you one step ahead of any further attacks or brand damage against your company.  

Is this service expensive? 

– Since we already have all the tools, a highly experienced team, and we know what to do, our service will shorten your time-to-value significantly. With that in mind, it would be more costly to hire a team, train them and buy all the right tools yourself. We also analyze trends in cybercrime and give you a monthly overview of your executives’ digital risk profiles, including trend analysis, source of the breaches, and tailored recommendations to reduce the risks. So with all this, we would say that our service is good value for money.  

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