Now unboxing a full package of workflow updates

Now unboxing a full package of workflow updates
2022-11-04 Paliscope

That is all to say that we put a lot of effort into streamlining the YOSE workflow. This release is essentially a package full of workflow-related improvements and updates. You’ll find everything from a refreshed user interface to smart functions like Active Tags, Case Notes, Dynamic Tabs and more. (We’re not going to hide the fact that we gleaned some inspiration from Apple.) On top of that, we made it easier to use key functions such as Face Recognition and Geo Analytics.

As usual, we also took the opportunity to make the software faster and more stable. Plus, of course, we integrated some additional updates that have been requested by users like you.

Keep reading to learn more about everything YOSE 22.4 has to offer.

Navigate with YOSE Dynamic Tabs

We’re excited to introduce a new way to navigate cases, inspired by Apple’s Dynamic Island. Quickly understand where you are and swiftly navigate all of your indexed data. We love it since it’s very fast and intuitive, and we hope you’ll appreciate it too.

Organize your data with tags

We’ve implemented an intuitive and easy-to-use tagging system. Not only can you tag files, but you can also create references inside the files, between persons and any intelligence. You can even group, color code, and present the tags on all files in YOSE.

Take case notes to the next level

Now there’s a complete editor at your service that you can use when adding notes to your case. Add references, link charts, maps, timelines or anything else you want to include in your case notes.

Contribute to a richer data search experience in YOSE

Help the data you share reach more users on YOSE Web. Now there is a more complete way to add metadata to a case, such as classification, tagging, and adding notes. This makes it much easier for any user to search all the data in YOSE Web and take full advantage of YOSE’s powerful search capacity.

Search and find associated persons faster

One of the most used functions in YOSE is Face Recognition. That’s why we decided to give it a pole position in the newly released Dynamic Tabs View. We also upgraded the view itself to give you access to a lot more functions so you can search for any intelligence and quickly discover associated persons. You will be amazed by how powerful it is.

Connect the dots with the Geo Analytics travel companion

Now you can uncover travel patterns between different people in a case with just one click. Select a person on the map and see if other people in your case have the same travel pattern in terms of time and place.

Optimize CPU resources and work faster

YOSE’s superpowers will help you find answers, but they will also utilize a lot of your computer power. With that issue in mind, we made it easier for you to control what you want to spend your precious CPU resources on so you can get the insights you’re looking for more quickly.

More highlights from this release

  • Faster and more rapid GUI thanks to hardware acceleration.
  • Thumbnails got a better aspect ratio to make more use of you space.
  • Scrollbars got a smart hover label to save you space.
  • Choose if you want to show file details in the file inspector.
  • Quick view of images and videos now also include pdf, document, archives and text files.
  • Various bug fixes.

For a full list of improvements in the 22.4 release, please log in to myPaliscope and read the release notes. Click here to download the latest version of YOSE. If you don’t yet have a myPaliscope account, click here to apply for one.