A smoother way to build your case

A smoother way to build your case
2022-11-21 Paliscope

Download and collect documents from your Discovry browser

The next time you’re investigating online and discover an interesting PDF file, save yourself a step and collect it directly in your Discovry case. The built-in Discovry browser has now been updated to support PDF files, so you don’t have to open them via Acrobat anymore. Easily choose whether a collected PDF file should be included in your report. Add comments directly to the PDF. You can even select specific material from a file to highlight, cut, paste and collect separately.

Track case activity in the Discovry Notification Center

If you’ve ever spent time wondering where data has ended up in Discovry or what the processing status of a particular file is, we’ve got great news for you. The Notification Center is here to make it easier to track what and when everything happens in your case. The notifications serve as a great shortcut for getting to the file or collected data if you work on multiple collections or exports. The Notification Center is especially helpful whenever you download or upload a new batch of data to your case and work with external services.

Collect webpages as MHTML

It has always been possible to collect an entire webpage in your Discovry case but, with this release, we’ve also made it possible to save it as a MHTML file. This means that you can easily surf around the webpage as it actually appears, directly in the Discovry browser. All CSS is automatically included, so the page will look identical to the original at the time the page was collected. You can also export a webpage from Discovry and choose whether you want to save it as a series of screenshots, export the source code or save it as an MHTML file. Additionally, you can send the downloaded webpage directly to YOSE with just one click for further analysis of the content.

Other improvements in this release

Reverse image search on multiple images

Now you can easily select several images and run a reverse image search on them with the push of a button.

Native support for M1 Macs

We now offer native support for Apple M1 Macs. If you have a M1 Mac, you can find a separate installation file to download in the user portal.

Browser tabs have a new look

We’ve made a number of minor UX updates. Among other improvements, we have color-coded the tabs so that you can more easily see whether you are in a TOR tab or an open web tab.

For a full list of all improvements and updates in Discovry Release 22.3.1, please log in to myPaliscope and read the release notes. Or simply restart Discovry to get the update automatically and try it out!