• Mar222022

    Mobile security

    Guests: Alex and Damon from Zimperium.

  • Mar102022

    How to secure the

    Guest: Fredrik Krantz, Yubico.

  • Feb232022

    CISO at a large telecom operator

    Guest: Ulf Andersson, Telenor

  • Feb082022

    Sweden’s digital

    Guest: André Catry, author.

  • Jan252022

    Digital Trust in a quantum computing world

    Guest: Malte Pollman from Utimaco.

  • Dec292021

    What will the cyber year 2022 be like?

    Guest: Diana, Orange Cyberdefense.

  • Dec142021

    Cyber threat intelligence and geopolitics

    Guest: Levi Gundert, Recorded Future.

  • Dec012021

    TV series as awareness channel (pt 2)

    Guest: Richard, Helsingborgshem.

  • Nov172021

    TV series as awareness channel (pt 1)

    Guest: Linus Kvarnhammar, SVT

  • Oct272021

    Network anomaly detection and how an idea is born

    Guest: Hitesh Sheth, Vectra AI.

  • Oct132021

    Large company CISO, pedagogy and authorship

    Guest: Magnus Carling, Stena.

  • Sep302021

    Private/public collaboration within Cyber

    Guest: Annika Avén, SOFF.