Capability studies and needs analysis

Stories from some
of our clients

(These will be changed to the old Strategy Nord project studies)

  • Oct262023

    Empowering Truth Hounds in pursuit of justice for Ukraine

    Supporting the non-profit organization Truth Hounds investigating major war crimes in Ukraine.

  • Sep262023

    Finding victims and perpetrators of human trafficking

    An anti-trafficking organisation was able to find, identify and bring exploited women to safety

  • May102023

    Collecting compliant evidence

    A large insurance company in the Nordic countries uses Discovry to collect evidence and streamline fraud investigations.

  • Dec012022

    Analyzing evidence
    for court

    A digital investigator used YOSE to analyze the evidence against a sex predator.

  • Oct032022

    Supporting a military intelligence section

    With YOSE, a military intelligence section could safely establish medical support for civilians affected by conflict.

  • Aug032022

    Locating sex-trafficked children

    With YOSE and Discovry, a non-profit organization more than doubled the recoveries of exploited and sex-trafficked children.

  • Jul032022

    Workload overload

    A border intelligence team increased successful interdictions and arrests by 34%.

  • May032022

    Top target for cyber

    A major bank used Paliscope for managing its cyber supply chain risk.

  • Mar032022

    Cyber security against ransomware

    Paliscope supported a large enterprise to protect itself against ransomware attacks.

  • Feb032022

    Hostile foreign intelligence actors

    A military intelligence section established a more collaborative working environment with YOSE and Discovry.